Ja'Abu Ridge

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Ja'Abu Ridge is a location from Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

The Ja'Abu Ridge is a wide-ranging area, located southeast of the East Reservoir Lake. The area consists mostly of mountainous land, with not much in the form of animals or vegetation. The southwestern portion of the ridge does have a bit more of a grassland, where there is also a Lizalfos base with Green and Blue Lizalfos. Upon defeating all the Lizalfos, a treasure chest will activate, containing five Fire Arrows. Just to the northwest, at a much lower elevation, there is a treasure chest buried in the ground, which contains a Throwing Spear.

At the southwest end of the ridge, there is a Blue Hinox that can be found sleeping on the ground. The Hinox carries a Royal Bow and Royal Broadsword around its neck.

At the west side of the ridge, near the Rutala Dam, a treasure chest containing ten Arrows can be found behind a boulder. At the east side of the ridge, there is a treasure chest buried in the ground that contains a Silver Longsword.




Nearby Korok Seeds

This one left a clue for you. Bomb the boulders and pick up the rock under them.

Follow the rock arrow to the boulders, blow them up, and pick up the rock under them.