Ka'o Makagh Shrine

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Ka'o Makagh Shrine



South side of the Highland Stable in Faron Grasslands








Ka'o Makagh Shrine is one of the many Shrine of Trials from Breath of the Wild.

This shrine is located at the southern edge of the Fural Plain immediately south of the Highland Stable.


Metal Doors Open the Way

Use Magnesis to open the doors, then turn left and watch out for the Guardian Scout I. There is also a Guardian Scout II roaming around. Use Magnesis and open another set of doors for a chest hiding a Traveler's Bow.

Head out of these doors and make an immediate left. As you turn around the corner, scan the wall with Magnesis to find a block that can be removed. Behind is another chest that contains a Gold Rupee.

Now head back to the doors you just left. Blow up the blocks to free one of the large metal doors. Use Magnesis to grab it and you can carry it around the room. The metal door can be used to create a ramp or a bridge to get across the platforms in the room. It can be used to reach another treasure located on top of the blocks of one of the platforms. This treasure chest contains an Opal gem.

Finally, use the metallic door again as a ramp to reach the altar. Speak with the monk, Ka'o Makagh, to get a Spirit Orb.