Seek Out Impa

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Seek Out Impa
Meeting with Impa



Complete The Isolated Plateau quest








Seek Out Impa is a Main Quest found in Breath of the Wild


After Link has completed The Isolated Plateau and has met with Rhoam Bosphoramus Hyrule, the King will give Link the Paraglider. While Link can storm Hyrule Castle at this point, Ganon still has control over the Guardians that surround the Castle. Thus, King Rhoam advises Link instead to head towards Kakariko Village and seek out Impa.[1]

Traveling east from the Great Plateau, Link will find the Dueling Peaks and the Dueling Peaks Stable. From there, he can travel north to arrive at Kakariko Village. Once Link speaks with Impa, this will complete the Seek Out Impa objective. This will also begin the next Main Quest objective, the Locked Mementos.

Additionally, the completion of the quest will spawn in the three dragons: Farosh, Dinraal, and Naydra, though Naydra can only be seen flying around once freed from the malice that binds it. Yiga Footsoldiers also appear, disguised as innocent travelers, stopped along the side of a path. If Link stops to talk to them, they will switch to their Yiga attire and battle Link.


Link must complete The Isolated Plateau by collecting the four Spirit Orbs from the Great Plateau Ancient Shrines, then speak to King Rhoam in the Temple of Time's tower to trigger this quest.


Adventure Log

Step Description
You were tasked with going to Kakariko Village to speak with Impa, who will give you more details on your quest.

Descend from the Great Plateau and head east beyond the Dueling Peaks, then follow the road to the north. The blinking dot on your Sheikah Slate's map will guide the way.
Impa, the chief of Kakariko Village, relayed the tale of what happened 100 years ago, as well as the mission entrusted to you by Princess Zelda to free the four Divine Beasts.

But first, it seems that your Sheikah Slate is incomplete. Having it fixed at the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab in Hateno Village may provide more clues to your mission.



  1. Somehow, Ganon has maintained control over all four Divine Beasts, as well as those Guardians swarming around Hyrule Castle. I believe it would be quite reckless for you to head directly to the castle at this point. I suggest...that you make your way east, out to one of the villages in the wilderness. Follow the road out to Kakariko Village. There you will find the elder, Impa. She will tell you more about the path that lies ahead. Consult the map on your Sheikah Slate for the precise location of Kakariko Village. Make your way past the twin summits of the Dueling Peaks. From there, follow the road as it proceeds north... - King Rhoam