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Ketoh Wawai Shrine is one of the many Shrine of Trials from Breath of the Wild.


Shrine Quest: Shrouded Shrine

The darkness dome of the Thyphlo Ruins as seen from the east.

Entering the Thyphlo Ruins begins the quest.

Inside this area is a Hinox. Kill it and take the orb it drops to the pedestal to reveal the shrine and complete the quest.

Easy way: If you have Revali's Gale -- or even if you do not -- you can fly easily from the rock structure next to the Hinox and land carefully on its stomach. From there you can grab the orb while it's sleeping. Throw the orb away from the body then jump and glide down. Quietly walk the orb to the pedestal to reveal the shrine.


One of the lightable bird-shaped statues inside the Thyphlo Ruins. The statues point to other lightable statues in the general pathway towards Ketoh Wawai Shrine.
Using Daruk's Protection is a viable source of light to illuminate the Thyphlo Ruins.

The Thyphlo Ruins are best entered via the bridge on the west side of the ruins. Trying to glide over the moat from elsewhere leads to you being plunged into sudden and immediate darkness, which makes it very easy to misjudge your landing, at best. Once you're most of the way across the bridge, Link looks around, confused, and suddenly you are in the dark. Ketoh Wawai tells you to find the shrine, and off you go. There are two standing torches ahead of you and one torch you can grab and light from the standing torch that is lit. As you continue forward on the path, you will come across a number of standing bird statue torches, like the ones by the entrance to the ruins. Light them, it will help you orient yourself if you get lost, or relight your torch if you have to put it away for whatever reason.

After a bit you will come to a pair of bird statues in front of a much larger statue and a chest. Light the statues' torches and open the chest for an opal. Turn right here to find two more torch-statues, and, by the second statue, another torch you can bring with you. Light the statue and pull out a real weapon; a pack of wolves will harass you here, so it's probably easiest to fight them off before proceeding. Stick close to the torch so you can see the wolves, though if you have Daruk's protection, keeping that engaged will also give you enough light to see your immediate surroundings. Re-light your own torch and turn left. You'll find one torch-statue and then a set of crumbling stairs. They're solid enough to climb without extinguishing your torch, so do so, and at the top you'll find two more statues, three more carrying torches, and a stone chest containing an amber. There's also a small platform nearby with another small chest, and if you drop a lit torch on the ground or start a fire with a bundle of wood, you'll have enough light to easily glide over and open that chest as well. It contains a Star Fragment.

From the platforms you should see a Silent Shroom glowing off to your right. At nighttime, there will also be some Sunset Fireflies. Go back to the higher platform, relight your torch, and walk in the direction of the glowing shroom. You should find more bird statue-torches around the shroom, so keep lighting them. From the first silent shroom, you should be able to spot another one. Walk towards it and find the nearby bird statue. Light this statue and turn in the direction its beak faces. Walk until you find another one. The statues will be farther apart here so just keep going until you find it. This one will point you under some tree roots. On the other side will be another statue, pointing you towards some ruins. There will be a statue among the ruins, light it and find the nearby shallow stone well. It contains a stone chest with an amber. Relight your torch and continue in the direction the statue points. Keep following the statues through the ruins and they will lead you to a glowing orange dais, from which you can see the glowing orb that needs to go into its slot. Light the nearest torch, deal with the Hinox as you like, and return the orb to the dais to reveal the Shrine.

Ketoh Wawai's Blessing

After all that effort, the shrine itself contains no challenges at all. Simply move forward, open the chest to claim an Ancient Core, and then examine the altar for your well-earned Spirit Orb.


Route between the Qaza Tokki Shrine / North Lomei Labyrinth and the entrance of the Thyphlo Ruins.
  • There is no fast way to reach either the ruins or the shrines due to various reasons:
    • Qaza Tokki Shrine is relatively close, but still markedly distant from it. The path from the shrine includes leaving the North Lomei Labyrinth, going around the northern chasm to the south and then heading east, and then encountering a Lynel;
    • Shora Hah Shrine is inside the hollowed Isle of Rabac, which is surrounded by a lava lake. Even if Link makes it to shore, there's also the Eldin Mountains to clear, and reaching the ruins' entrance requires to circle around them through the opposite western side;
    • The shrines in the Great Hyrule Forest are even closer, but the fog of the Lost Woods makes it impossible to leave without being surrounded by the white haze and transported to the interior of the woods.
  • Albeit the shrine provides a Travel Gate once activated, it's impractical to use due to the permanent darkness of the Thyphlo Ruins. As such, the travel gate offers only transport to the ruins themselves and basically nowhere else, providing no easy access to any locations near it.