Hobbies of the Rich

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Hobbies of the Rich



From the Ground Up Side Quest



Defeat the (2) Guardians in Torin Wetland


20 Rupees

Hobbies of the Rich is a Side Quest from Breath of the Wild.



To start this quest you will need to speak to Hagie in Tarrey Town and he will give you a down payment of 100 Rupees and ask you to go to Torin Wetland (which is off in the distance in the direction he is gazing) and kill two Guardian Stalkers.

Just use your Paraglider and fly over to where he is looking and you will see a bunch of broken Guardians. You will find the two Guardians you need to kill there. After you defeat the Guardians in whichever way you like, go back to Tarrey Town and speak to Hagie to receive 20 rupees.

Quest Description

Completed Quest

You defeated the two Guardians in Torin Wetland and reported back to Hagie before night fell.

The reward was less than the up-front payment...