The Jewel Trade

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The Jewel Trade
The Jewel Trade.png





Give Ramella (10) Amber


500 Rupees


Talk to Ramella in Goron City to start the quest.


Collect 10 Amber (if you do not already have some) and turn them in to her. Set the quest as the objective marker to find her. You will be paid 500 rupees, more than you would get in a shop.

Afterwards you can continue to turn in gems to her in batches of 10 to get more than you would get at a shop (slightly). However, Ramella won't buy Amber again, and won't buy Opals or Luminous Stones (see her prices here).

Quest Description

Completed Quest

True to her word, Ramella paid well for your 10 amber chunks.

As any merchant would, Ramella is looking to maintain a steady stock of gems. She'll continue to pay well for whatever gems you bring her in the future.