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Ramella is a character that appears in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

Ramella is a Gerudo precious stone traveling merchant who can be found in Goron City after completing Divine Beast Vah Rudania. She is search of the precious stones that can be found there. She will purchase gems from you in batches of 10 at a (slightly) higher price than a regular shop will pay. Talking to her will start the side quest The Jewel Trade. Her first request will always be for 10 Amber, which she will purchase from you for 500 rupees (as opposed to 300). Doing so will complete The Jewel Trade side quest. After that, the kind of precious stone you can sell to her will vary, though she won't buy Opals or Luminous Stones, and won't buy Ambers again.

Products & Prices

Precious Stone Regular Price x10 Ramella's Price x10 Profit
Topaz 1800 Rupees 2000 Rupees 200 Rupees
Ruby 2100 Rupees 2300 Rupees 200 Rupees
Sapphire 2600 Rupees 2900 Rupees 300 Rupees
Diamond 5000 Rupees 5500 Rupees 500 Rupees

Ramella has conditions on the precious stone that she will buy:

  • Once a transaction has been completed, she'll continue asking for 10 of the precious stone she's purchasing unless Link stops or runs out;
  • She won't switch to a different stone until Link completes at least one transaction with the stone she's asking for, and stops;
  • These conditions are completely independent of game progression, Blood Moons or returning the following day.

Tears of the Kingdom

When Link first arrives at Goron City, Heehl and his brother Bayge can be found at the entrance, eating some Marbled Rock Roast. They mention that there are some untrustworthy people in town trying to scam visitors. They then proceed to try to scam Link, by offering just three rupees for all of his ore. They are soon interupted by Ramella and the two scatter off.

After warning Link of scammers in Goron City, Ramella will then immediately offer to trade gems with Link.

Amber Dealer

Main article: Amber Dealer

Ramella is in need of some Amber and asks Link to sell her 10 pieces. She's willing to give Link a bit more for the Amber than he'd normally get at shops. This begins the Amber Dealer side quests. Ramella is willing to purchase 10 amber for 200 rupees.

After selling the Amber to Ramella, this will complete the quest. However, she then seperately asks Link to sell her other gems. She will give Link 1,000 rupees if he gives him 10 Topaz gems.