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Isha (Co-worker)

Cara is a character from Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

Cara works at Starlight Memories, the Jewelry Shop that is found in Gerudo Town. Early in the game the shop is closed and Cara is a bit concerned with all the problems that have been facing the town.[1][2] In particular, she's a bit worried about the Divine Beast Vah Naboris that is causing some trouble, as well as the theft of the Thunder Helm.[3]

After Link completes the Tools of the Trade quest, the Starlight Memories shop will open up. Link can then talk to Cara, who will call him a lifesaver for helping provide the Flint needed to reopen the store.[4][5] As a sign of thanks, she will tell Link several secrets about the shops owner, Isha.

She mentions that Isha was once caught in a tragic love triangle with Ashai, the women who runs the Voe and You relationship class in Gerudo Town. However, both women are now single, so it is clear how that ended.[6] Cara also has heard that Isha sleeps wearing nothing accept for accessories.[7] Cara also explains that Isha's actual name is Jewel, but she was embarrassed to be a jeweler named Jewel, so she changed it to Isha.[8] Cara also tells Link that Isha claims she doesn't do anything special with her looks, but she does visit the Hotel Oasis once a week. She mentions that it's always good to remember that if someone says they don't do anything to maintain their looks, it's probably not true.[9]


  • "Cara" is the feminine form of the Spanish/Portuguese word for "expensive", which is fitting for someone in the jewelry trade.
  • "Cara" may also be a reference to carat, a unit of mass that's used in the measure of gemstones and pearls, which is equivalent to 200mg.


  1. Vasaaq. I'm sorry, but the Gerudo Jewelers isn't open right now... - Cara
  2. The village is facing quite a few problems lately. *sigh* - Cara
  3. With that beast causing a ruckus and the guards in an uproar over some kind of theft, things have been pretty crazy. And on top of it all, my shop... - Cara
  4. Vasaaq. I heard you brought some flint for us, little vai. You're a lifesaver! How about...I tell you one of the owner's secret as my way of saying sarqso? - Cara
  5. This shop owes you everything, young vai. Your requests fill us with a greater sense of purpose than normal! If you see an accessory you like, please feel free to pick it up and look at it. - Cara
  6. Apparently she and the teacher of the relationship class, Ashai, were embroiled in a tragic love triangle... They're both still single, so I guess we know how that went... - Cara
  7. I heard the owner... sleeps wearing nothing... but accessories... I wonder if she gets cold... - Cara
  8. The owner's name is actually an alias. Her real name is Jewel. It's a little too coincidental for a jeweler to be named Jewel, so she was embarrassed. I think it's a fine name, personally... - Cara
  9. The owner claims that she's not doing anything special with her looks, but she actually visits Hotel Oasis once a week. It's always good to remember... If someone says they don't do anything at all to maintain their looks, it's probably not quite true. - Cara