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Voe and You is a class that is taught by Ashai in Gerudo Town. The purpose of the class is to prepare young Gerudo women for life outside of Gerudo Town. The class teaches what to do in scenarios when the Gerudo meet various men.

Breath of the Wild

Scenario #1

Ashai: OK, everyone! Let's show our cute observer what we've been learning in class! Now then... You're walking down the street on your way somewhere, and a handsome voe you've never met approaches...

Pasha: Oh! I would wave casually to him but also keep myself prepared in case he's a distraction for a bandit ambush!

Ashai: Excellent thinking, Pasha! That's a prudent approach to a new situation. Remember that sometimes voe may look suspicious but are just being wary due to the sight of a daunting Gerudo.

Dina: Oh! I would enthusiastically greet him, approaching with a smile and with my hands clearly empty!

Ashai: Wow, Dina, that's a very optimistic approach to take! Being overtly friendly is an excellent way to put the stranger's mind at ease.

Risa: Oh! I would walk casually toward him and then strike a fierce blow when he least suspected it!

Ashai: Risa... That would be a crime...

Scenario #2

Ashai: In your travels, you come upon an injured voe lying on the ground. What do you do?

Pasha: Oh! I immediately lift him up over my shoulder and carry him to the nearest person who can treat him!

Ashai: That's a very proactive answer, Pasha! Always be aware that an injured person may have non-visible injuries before you move them, though!

Dina: Oh! I would determine what was the matter and make a medicine on the spot to treat him!

Ashai: Great answer, Dina! Just be careful that the voe doesn't have some sort of allergy to the ingredients in your medicine!

Risa: Oh! I would secretly bring him back to my home, where I could help him gradually recover!

Ashai: Risa... A sweet sentiment... But also basically kidnapping.

Scenario #3

Ashai: You are suddenly approached by a voe whose attention you've sought, and he abruptly engages you in conversation.

Pasha: Hrm... I would pretend that I don't know how to speak his language.

Ashai: That's an interesting approach, Pasha! You could inspire some curiousity in the voe by doing that... Remember: it isn't unrealistic that the voe may actually speak the language you pretend to know, too!

Dina: Oh! I would take the up-close oppurtunity to determine his social standing based on the clothes he's wearing!

Ashai: Ah, good thinking, Dina. Just remember that sometimes all of someone's good clothes are dirty, so they might wear something more casual.

Risa: Oh! I would grab his hand and twist his wrist until he agreed to marry me!

Ashai: Wha... You'd... Risa... Let's talk after class.

Tears of the Kingdom

At night, Link attends a Voe and You class where the students are adults.