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Breath of the Wild
Gerudo Town
Tears of the Kingdom
Outskirt Stable

Pasha is a character from Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

Pasha is a Gerudo who lives in Gerudo Town. She is a young woman about to set off to leave Gerudo Town. In preparation, she is taking both of Ashai's classes, including the Voe and You class during the day, where she will learn how to handle situations when dealing with men outside of Gerudo Town. In the evening and overnight hours, she will take Ashai's cooking class. Between the two classes, Pasha just walks back and forth between the Barracks and Ashai's house, staying awake 24-hours a day. Taking two classes and studying has overwhelmed Pasha a bit. She has become so tired that she can't bother to even have a conversation with Link.[1]

At 9am each morning, Pasha will head over to the Barracks for the Voe and You class. Pasha is so tired that she will fall asleep during class and will wake up when Link tries talking to her. She does have a dream of going out into the world, finding her true love, and then settling down to have a family. However, in order to do so she must do well in these classes and that is why she tries her best to stay awake.[2]

When Link listens in on the class, he can hear Pasha give her examples of how she would deal with situations out in the real world. If a handsome man that she has never met before approaches her, she says that she would wave casually at him, but would always be prepared, just in case he was just a distraction for an ambush.[3] When asked what she would do if an injured man was found lying on the ground, Pasha states she'd lift him up and carry him over her shoulder, bringing him to somebody who can treat his wounds.[4] If a man that Pasha was interested in abruptly approaches her, she says that she would pretend as if she didn't speak his language. Thinking it might make him more curious about her.[5]

At 9pm, Pasha leaves the classroom to head to Ashai's house for the cooking class. She learns that people really crave home cooking and that sometimes it is better to make something quick and easy using just some homemade ingredients.[6]

Tears of the Kingdom

Pasha can be found along with Dina and Risa at the Outskirt Stable. The trio has left Gerudo Town, each in search of a man to fall in love with. They are using their knowledge they learned from Voe and You, a class they took during their time in Breath of the Wild, on how to interact with men in the world. They have interacted with men, but none of them have measured up to what they are looking for.[7]

Dina mentions hearing about a legendary hero, referring to Link.[8] Risa gives the view that he must be a strong man and somebody who's even taller than the Gerudo.[9] Although Risa is clumbsy with her wording, saying she is going to take him out, instead of ask him out. Pasha corrects her and mentions that they could recognize him as he wields a legendary sword.[10] The group talks about how the legendary sword might glow, or how it possibly even larger than the Gerudo women themselves.[11][12] Risa suggests attacking Link, by launching a surprise attack on him, although Pasha interupts her again, saying she needs to stop referring to voe as targets.[13][14]

The group is thinking about where to travel to to find voe.[15] Pasha wants to find an intellectual, so she suggests traveling to Necluda, to find a Sheikah who lives in Kakariko Village.[16] Dina suggests travelings to Tarrey Town, where she has heard there is a Gerudo helping out at the construciton company. Maybe the group could use that town as a home base for searching for voe.[17] Risa suggests traveling to the Faron region as she heard there is a new animal discovered known as a Dondon.[18] Pasha jumps in and has to ask her what that has anything to do with finding a voe.[19]

When Link speaks to the group, Risa is shocked that a voe is actually talking to him.[20][21] Pasha says that they should wave to him, while keeping an eye out for any bandit ambushes.[22] Dina says they want to assure he feels safe and they should wave both hands, so he knows they don't have anything to hide in their hands.[23] Risa then jumps in saying he's probably hungry, and once again mentions the Dondon in Faron, and how maybe Link would like to go hunting.[24] Pasha immediately wonders how Risa jumped to that thought.[25] Dina chimes in that sending Link off in the distance is probably not the right approach.[26]



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