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Consume Luminous Stones and convert them into gems and flint







Dondons are a type of animal from Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom

See also: The Beast and the Princess

Dondons are a race of large, non-aggressive animals. The only known examples are a group of five who were recently discovered by Zelda in Bronas Forest, and are watched over by Cima. Their systems are odd - they consume luminous stone, causing their horns and spines to glow at night, and excrete flint and gems. If Link feeds them luminous stone, leaves, and comes back some time later, he will find the result lying on the ground where the Dondon was. The more luminous stones he feeds to one animal at a time, the greater likelihood that high-value gems such as ruby, sapphire or diamond will be the result.

Sketches of them are posted in numerous stables around Hyrule. Penn gets "chirps and warbles" from a group of small birds at New Serenne Stable about Princess Zelda riding a "mountain of a beast...with huge, brutal tusks" in "the subtropical region in the south", beginning the Side Adventure "The Beast and the Princess". When Link finds the Dondons in their Bronas Forest pen, opposite the Floria River from Lakeside Stable, Cima explains that Zelda was the one who discovered the Dondons, and that they're actually gentle beasts.


Dondons are said to be the ancestors of Horses.[1] Horses themselves have appeared as far back chronologically as The Minish Cap, meaning Dondons are indeed from a very ancient era.


  1. "I am Malanya...the god of horses... In southeast Lakeside Stable... the Dondons graze... These ancient creatures, the ancestors of horses...can make precious gems... out of stones..." — Malanya, Tears of the Kingdom