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Cima from Breath of the Wild








Cima is a character in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

Cima can be found feeding the Horses at the Lakeside Stable. Cima is terrified of the lightning storms that are constantly hitting the Lakeside Stable, so each time it begins to thunderstorm, Cima will run inside, kneel down, and hold her ears to block out the sound.[1]

Cima will sleep in one of the beds at the stable, waking up each morning at 7am to tend to the horses. She has a fascination with the waterfalls at Lake Floria, stating that there are ten of them of all different sizes, with each of them being unique.[2] Each evening at 9pm she will head back inside to go to bed.[3]

Thunder Magnet

Main article: Thunder Magnet

Link can speak with Cima to find that she is scared of the lightning strikes. She tasks Link with trying to figure out why lightning keeps striking the stable.[4] If Link agrees to do so, this will begin the Thunder Magnet quest.[5]

To complete the quest, simply climb up to the very top of the stable where there is a Woodcutter's Axe. Grab the axe and then return to Cima to complete the quest. She will thank you and award Link with the Rubber Helm.[6][7] She is thankful after Link gives her the information as she can finally relax.[8]

Tears of the Kingdom

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Cima watches the dondons in their pen, across the Floria River from Lakeside Stable.



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