Bronas Forest

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Bronas Forest is a location found in Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

The Bronas Forest is a densely wooded area, located just north of Lake Floria and north of the Floria River. The Faron Tower is located on the west side of the forest. As with most of the ares surrounding the Faron Tower, it is a rather tropical area, with large palm frees and overgrown weeds and underbrush.

There are quite a variety of creatures found throughout the forest, as well as an assortment of vegetation that is ground on the various trees and the forest ground. At the west side of the Forest, there is a small lake with some enemy Water Octoroks. There are some Hyrule Bass and Hearty Bass that are found within the Lake.

Just northeast of the Faron Tower, there is a treasure chest that contains a Silver Rupee. A second treasure chest can be found inside a secret cave at the northeast part of the forest. There are some cracked boulders in a wall that can be blown up to find the chest that contains a Purple Rupee.

At the southeast part of the Forest, there is a massive tree stump and after climbing on top of it, Link will find a pinwheel. There are three balloons, and they are well hidden. One is hiding on the side of the tree stump. Another is down below and Link will need to creep to the edge of stump to find it. A third is hidden behind some leaves in the nearby trees. A second Korok can be found on the higher elevation just northeast of the Faron Tower. There are two massive statues and one of them has a Hearty Durian on a leaf in front of it. Place a Hearty Durian on the other leaf to get the Korok Seed.




Nearby Korok Seeds

Place a Hearty Durian in the leaf at the base of the easternmost statue.

Offer a Hearty Durian to the statue that's missing one.

Climb to the top of the tree and stand near the pinwheel. Three balloons will appear. Shoot them all to make the Korok appear. These Balloons are well hidden, including one hanging just below the edge of the tree platform, so look around carefully.

One balloon is pretty visible straight ahead, one balloon is under a leaf very close to your tree, and one balloon is just below the edge of your tree and you won't see it until you look down a little.