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This article is about the Gerudo from Breath of the Wild. For The Resistance member from Twilight Princess, see Ashei.









Pasha (Student)
Dina (Student)
Risa (Student)
Nali (Student)
Pritana (Student)
Deltan (Student)

Ashai is a character from Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

Ashai is a Gerudo who lives in Gerudo Town. She runs two classes that are meant for young Gerudo women who are about to set off on journeys outside of Gerudo Town. During the daytime she runs the class, Voe and You, where she will teach Gerudo how to handle situations when dealing with men outside of Gerudo Town. During the evening hours, she runs a cooking class at her home.

Inside of her house on the table near the entrance, Link will find Chef Aurie Taamu, Vol. 1. This book has advise on how to cook meals, elixirs, and the effects that Fairies have various dishes.

Voe and You

Main article: Voe and You

During the daytime, Link can speak with Ashai where she will be able to listen in on a class. Ashai encourages Link to participate but will wait until all her students are present.[1] Three Gerudo are taking the class, including Dina, Pasha, and Risa.

During the class, Ashai presents three real world examples of what could happen when meeting a man.

  • A handsome man you've never met approaches you.
  • You come across an injured man lying on the ground.
  • A man who's attention you've sought suddenly approaches you.

During the class, Dina and Pasha will both give appropriate answers to the situation, where as Risa will give inappropriate, or even, illegal answers where she ends up assaulting, kidnapping, or forcing the man to do something.

Cooking Class

At 6pm, Ashai will leave the Barracks, heading home where she teaches her cooking class in the evening. Two of her students, Dina and Pasha, will join her later that evening and she encourages Link to come by as well.[2] She is the first one to arrive at her house at which Link can speak with her privately. She mentions that some people think it's a bit much teaching two different classes in one day, but she figures that as long as there is something to learn, why not keep learning?[3]

Ashai wants to make Creamy Heart Soup for the lesson that she is teaching, but she was a bit forgetful. In order to make it, she needs some Fresh Milk, a Voltfruit, a Hydromelon, and two heart-shaped vegetables. Although she has forgotten what the vegetables are.[4] The vegetables that she is forgetting could be either a Hearty Radish or Big Hearty Radish, as they will both create the soup.


  1. Oh... Are you interested in sitting in on my class "Voe and You"? It may even teach you a thing or two! There's not hurry-we won't be starting until everyone has arrived. - Ashai
  2. Oh, are you interested in the classes I teach to vai before they set off from Gerudo Town? I teach a cooking class at my house at night. If you want, please stop by! - Ashai
  3. During the day, it's "Voe and You." At night it's the cooking classes. People around me say it's a bit much, but I say as long as there is something to learn, why not keep learning? - Ashai
  4. Hmm... I was planning on creamy heart soup for the lesson today, but I'm being a bit forgetful, it seems. I know that I need some fresh milk, one voltfuit, one hydromelon, and two heart-shaped vegetables... I just can't recall what the heart-shaped vegetable was... Well, I'm sure it'll come back to me eventually... Can't afford to lose my momentum in life! - Ashai