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Nali (roommate)
Pritana (roommate)

Deltan is a character from Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

Deltan can be found at The Noble Canteen where she is sitting down with her head on top of her folded hands at one of the tables. She is likely drunk from having been drinking at the Noble Canteen as she never gets up. Link can listen to her mumbling as she is clearly depressed about a man she had been attempting to court for some time. Deltan recently completed Ashai's cooking class, but is frustrated as her man says that he likes to be the one that cooks, making her feel like she just wasted her time.[1]

Her man doesn't like women that are "twice his height" (hyperbolically speaking), which is something Deltan cannot help, as she is eight feet tall.[2] Her man also says that she likes women with shorter hair, although Deltan says she only grew her hair long because he previously said he liked girls with long hair.[3] Deltan also quotes her man when he says he's actually engaged, although this is one thing that Deltan can't even muster the energy to be angry about.[4]

Tears of the Kingdom

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Deltan returns attending Ashai's Voe and You class about relationships.



  1. "I like to be the one to do the cooking." Jerk waits until AFTER I take the cooking class to tell me this... - Deltan
  2. "I don't like girls twice my height..." What's he mean by that?! I'm only eight feet tall! - Deltan
  3. "I really like shorter hair..." I grew my hair out because he said he liked LONG hair! - Deltan
  4. "I'm engaged." *sigh* I can't even be angry at that one... - Deltan