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Heehl (Younger Brother)
Kabetta (Younger Brother)

Bayge is a Goron from Breath of the Wild. He and his younger brothers Heehl and Kabetta form the self-proclaimed "Goron Blood Brothers", and the three have abandoned their home in Goron City in favor of increasing their strength and endurance.


Breath of the Wild

Bayge appears primarily as part of two Shrine Quests, and the EX Champion Daruk's Song DLC quest.

The Gut Check Challenge

See also: The Gut Check Challenge

If Link ascends Gut Check Rock, he will find Bayge prevents him from accessing Gorae Torr Shrine unless he completes the Goron Blood Brothers' Gut-Check Challenge. If Link successfully manages this, climbing Gut Check Rock unaided while collecting rupees, Bayge will proclaim him to be the fourth Goron Blood Brother and allow him to access the shrine.

Subsequently, they will present him with a harder version, the "Super Gut Check Challenge".

Test of Will

See also: Test of Will

Bayge and his brothers can also be found on Mount Nabooru at the ancestral training ground.[1] Here, Bayge and his brothers will challenge Link to survive through two rounds on red-hot platforms longer than them without the use of heat- or flame-resistant clothing. Bayge notes that the challenge is said to reveal a Shrine.[2] If Link survives both rounds, Bayge is the last to fall.[3][4][5]

Successfully completing the challenge reveals Joloo Nah Shrine.[6][7]

EX Champion Daruk's Song (DLC)

See also: EX Champion Daruk's Song

Bayge can finally be found at Darb Pond with his brothers, where Daruk was said to have trained as part of his Divine Beast Tamer's Trial. The three will express bewilderment at how Daruk could reach the rings without sinking below the depths. However, by using Magnesis to make a platform under the final ring, Link can reveal Rinu Honika Shrine.


  1. PUMP IT UP, BROTHER! This is our ancestral training ground! Us three Goron Blood Brothers are in the midst of a contest of endurance! - Bayge
  2. When you're ready, step up onto this platform! Then the contest of endurance will commence! - Bayge
  3. You're amazing! I never woulda thought the three Goron Blood Brothers could lose to you, brother! - Bayge
  4. You see the ring behind me? The one surrounded in fire? Do ya feel it in your gut-what a bad idea it is to go there? - Bayge
  5. This contest won't just challenge you with heat...but also with fire! If ya lose your focus, your body will catch fire! Make sure you're prepared for this, brother! It is said that passin' this test will reveal a shrine...or some such! If ya think you're ready, climb into the ring. Do that, and our special contest of ultimate endurance will begin! - Bayge
  7. You won the contest of ultimate endurance, little man! You're amazing! - Bayge