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Breath of the Wild
Gut Check Rock
Mount Nabooru
Darb Pond (The Champions' Ballad)
Tears of the Kingdom
Goron City (initially)
Mine-Cart Land
Death Mountain Summit (final location)


Bayge (older brother)
Heehl (older brother)

Kabetta is a Goron from Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

He and his older brothers Heehl and Bayge form the self-proclaimed "Goron Blood Brothers", and the three have abandoned their home in Goron City in favor of increasing their strength and endurance.[1] Kabetta is constantly complaining about the heat, regularly using the phrase so sweaty to describe his current state.[2]

Test of Will

Main article: Test of Will

Kabetta appears with his two brothers at Mount Nabooru, where they are standing near some extremely hot plates. This is an ancestral training ground where Goron's have always come to train to become stronger and more powerful.[3][4] Talking to the Gorons will begin the Test of Will shrine quest.

In the first stage, Link will need to drink an Elixir or wear armor that has Heat Resistance. If Link can outlast the Gorons, he will be able to participate in the ultimate endurance. Kabetta describes it as the toughest test known to the Goron kind.[5][6] In the second phase, Link will need to drink an elixir that has Flame Guard, preventing him from overheating. Successfully doing so will gain the approval of all three Gorons and will reveal the Joloo Nah Shrine.[7]

Tears of the Kingdom

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Kabetta can be found in the center of the City, chowing down on some Marbled Roast Rock. Under its affects, he is happy to buy ore for dirt cheap, and then sell it for a high price. He believes all anyone needs is Rupees and Marbled Rock Roast.



  1. So sweaty... Brother... We're Gorons...but the heat is too much for us these days... It's too hot to handle in Goron City... so we came here to train ourselves... - Kabetta
  2. So sweaty... Brother... Are you in the mood...to test your endurance with us...brother? - Kabetta
  3. PUMP IT UP, BROTHER! This is our ancestral training ground! Us three Goron Blood Brothers are in the midst of a contest of endurance! - Bayge
  4. Yeah! Come try the contest of endurance yourself...brother! - Kabetta
  5. It's where our ancestors trained... It's considered the toughest test known to Goron kind! - Kabetta
  6. This special training area is even harder than the last ring... - Kabetta
  7. Whoa! That's a shrine...or some such! It really appeared, just like that! So the legend is true, brother!! - Kabetta