Flown the Coop

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Flown the Coop




Return the missing 7 Cuccos to the coop



During the overnight and morning hours, Cado can be found in Kakariko Village, guarding the entrance to Impa's home. After 12pm each day, he is relieved of his duties and will make his way over to the Cucco coop. He is distraught that his Cuccos have not come home yet. Speak with him and he'll ask for you help in finding his Cuccos. He has 10 of them in total, of which three of them are already within the pen. Link must find the 7 remaining Cuccos in the village.[1][2]

Cado must be in front of the pen for the quest to be given.


As with previous Kakariko Villages, it is time to collect some cuccos.

  • One is on the top of hill, near the shrine that is above Kakariko Village.
  • One is on the roof of Enchanted, the armor shop.
  • One is in the plum garden just behind the armor store.
  • One is by the fire out in front of Impa's house, near the Goddess Statue.
  • One is by the bridge near the entrance to town.
  • One is on top of the house next to that bridge.
  • One is in a small structure just downhill from the house closest to the entrance to town, at the southeast part of the village.
  • Three of them are actually already in the coop to start with.

The Cucco in the plum garden cannot be retrieved until after 5pm. Before then, Mellie will yell at Link for entering the plum garden, and Link will be summarily ejected from the area.

Carry the Cuccos and toss them into the coop, then talk to Cado. If he is not at the coop, go to your Adventure Log in your pause menu and set this quest as the active marker and it will point you to his current location. He will be grateful and will reward Link with a Purple Rupee.

Tip: If you have done the Slated for Upgrades Side Quest and have the Sheikah Sensor +, take a picture of one of the Cuccos. You can then set it as your Sensor+ target for help in finding more of them, although this works better when not near the coop where the ones you've already collected are.


  1. Really? Thank you so much!! I have 10 Cuccos total. Hopefully you'll be able to find them all... - Cado
  2. I should have 10 Cuccos total. Even just one unaccounted for won't do! Sadly, only 3 have returned to me. To think that somewhere out there, even one of my poor Cuccos could be lost and lonely... Please! Hurry up and bring them back to me! For their sake...and for mine, as well... - Cado