The Spring of Wisdom

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This article is about the Shrine Quest. For the location, see Spring of Wisdom.
The Spring of Wisdom
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Speak with Medda


Free Naydra


The Spring of Wisdom is a Shrine Quest from Breath of the Wild.

Begin the Quest

Link can begin the quest by speaking with Medda, who is a farmer at Hateno Village. During the daytime, Medda can be found farming behind the house that is located directly across from the Kochi Dye Shop. Medda will speak about the Spring of Wisdom, found on top of Mount Lanayru. It is a place where princesses of Hyrule Castle go for a purification ceremony.[1] After speaking with Medda, this will begin the shrine quest.

Talking to Medda is not absolutely necessary to uncover the shrine or performing the actions related to the quest, as Link can go to Naydra with no prior prompts. However, clearance of the quest itself in the quest list necessitates contact with her.


Mount Lanayru is at a much higher elevation and is very cold. Link will need to wear some armor with Level 2 Cold Resistance, such as the Snowquill Set in order to survive. Alternatively, if Link wears the Warm Doublet, along with consuming a meal or elixir with Cold Resistance or equipping a fire weapon, he will be able to survive. The quest will also require Link to use Arrows and it is recommended that he bring at least 10 Arrows.

Freeing Naydra

When Link climbs to the top of the mountain, he will find Naydra, encased in Malice. Shoot the Malice Eyeball above Naydra's head, which will cause Naydra to begin flying around the mountain. Link will need to follow Naydra around and shoot the three remaining Malice Eyeballs. Each time Link removes some of the malice, Naydra will fly to a different area.

After Naydra has been freed from the malice, it will be restored to its original form and will fly back to the Spring of Wisdom. Link will appear back here as well and can then shoot Naydra with an arrow. This will cause Naydra to fly up and drop Naydra's Scale. Link can then run over and grab it, where he can then drop it in front of the Goddess Statue ahead as an offering. This will cause the door behind the statue to open, revealing the Jitan Sa'mi Shrine and completing the quest.

Jitan Sa'mi Shrine

Main article: Jitan Sa'mi Shrine

The Jitan Sa'mi Shrine is a blessing shrine. Run ahead and open the treasure chest to get a Frostspear. Then head over to the altar to meet Jitan Sa'mi and get a Spirit Orb.


  • Should the player choose to follow the game's story prompts, this quest is one of the first opportunities Link has to interact with one of the three dragons, and it serves as a guide as to how to proceed with the Shrine quests The Serpent's Jaws and The Spring of Power.
  • Regardless of where Naydra is shot immediately after freeing it from Malice, during the quest, Naydra will always drop only a Scale at first. This means that when first shooting it on the claws, horns or mouth, those will not yield a Naydra's Claw, a Shard of Naydra's Horn or a Shard of Naydra's Fang respectively. These drops will only appear upon later encounters with Naydra.
  • Excluding Hot Springs, the waters of the Spring of Wisdom are the only waters in a frigid location that don't produce cold damage. This is not unique to Link either, as Zelda dipped herself in these waters a century prior to the events of the game.
  • Naydra is not in the capacity of freezing Link while it's blemished with Malice. Removing the Malice allows Naydra to freeze Link henceforth.


Adventure Log

Step Description
Medda, a resident of Hateno Village, told you that there is a Spring of Wisdom somewhere on Mount Lanayru, which towers to the north of the village. The story goes that long ago, a princess used that spring for a purification ceremony.

Moreover, there are rumors of a fantastic treasure hidden in the spring.
You found no treasure but instead discovered Naydra, the Spring of Wisdom's guardian spirit, who has been overtaken by darkness.

Break through the evil force possessing Naydra to set this great spirit free!
You freed Naydra, the guardian dragon of the Mount Lanayru spring, from the darkness that had overcome it.

When Naydra soared away into the heavens, it left behind Naydra's scale.
When you tossed Naydra's scale into the Spring of Wisdom, an ancient shrine appeared.

Freed of the shackles of evil, Naydra flew away in peace.


  1. The Spring of Wisdom is a place where the princesses of Hyrule Castle used to go to do some kind of ceremony. No idea exactly what kind of ceremony, but anyway, it's not a place where us ordinary folk go. No princesses here. - Medda