Madorna Mountain

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Madorna Mountain is a mountain range found in Breath of the Wild

Breath of the Wild

The Madorna Mountain is a found north of Hateno Village and is part of the larger Mount Lanayru. Given its frigid temperature, it is recommended that Link wears armor with Cold Resistance, such as the Snowquill Set. The mountain has a few enemy Ice-Breath Lizalfos as well as some Cold-Footed Wolves, but overall, it is a fairly quiet mountain, without much going on.

At the far east of the mountain, there is a tree stump, east of the peak. When Link steps on this stump, a yellow circle appears way off to the east. Link will need to Shield Surf his way down the mountain in order to quickly reach the circle in time to get a Korok Seed. A second Korok can be found by climbing to the middle peak of the mountain. Once again step on the small stump and race to the yellow circle to the west to get the Korok Seed.

Secret of the Cedars

Main article: Secret of the Cedars

If Link speaks with Clavia at Hateno Village, this will begin the Secret of the Cedars shrine quest. Here, Link must follow the three cedar trees, located at the peaks of Madorna Mountain. If Link follows these cedars eastward, towards the sea, he'll find a bombable wall off in the distance to the east, near some trees. Behind the wall, Link will find the Tahno O'ah Shrine, which will complete the shrine quest.