Walnot Mountain

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Walnot Mountain

Walnot Mountain is a location in Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

The mountain is part of the larger mountain range that includes Mount Lanayru and is located just northeast of the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab. It connects with the nearby Madorna Mountain to the northwest through the Lanayru Range. The east part of the mountain is at a very high elevation and Link will need Cold Resistance in order to navigate the region without taking damage. The west part of the mountain has a slightly lower elevation and is just warm enough for Link to travel without having to worry the cold.

As it is predominately cold on the mountain, the area is filled with ice-based enemies, including Ice Keese and Ice-Breath Lizalfos. At the western peak of the Walnot Mountain, there is a yellow flower and collecting a series of flowers leads to the peak to the east, where a Korok is located.



Nearby Korok Seeds

The race starts west of the seed's location. It is difficult to reach and should only be completed in time by surfing or gliding. High-level Cold Resistance recommended.

From the seed platform a short ways above the nearby shrine, quickly reach the destination before time's up. It is much farther than it looks and can only be reached by gliding or surfing quickly. Cold Resistance Level 2 is needed to survive the temperature.

The flower trail to this seed starts at the top of the hill directly to the west. Cold Resistance Level 2 recommended.

The flower trail to this seed begins directly to the west, at the top of the nearest hill in that direction. Following it will take you into an area where Cold Resistance Level 2 is required to prevent damage.