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Reede (Hudband)
Karin (Daughter)

Clavia is a character in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

Clavia lives in Hateno Village with her husband Reede and her daughter Karin. They live in the large home at the north part of town where there is a Goddess Statue right in front. Clavia will wake up each morning and make her way to dock, just east of the Kochi Dye Shop. If Link speaks to Clavia on her way, she tells him to just follow her for a moment without asking any questions.[1][2]

Clavia will spend the entire day out by the dock, only returning at 9pm when it is time to head to bed. Although she will run back inside if it begins to rain during the daytime.

Secret of the Cedars

Main article: Secret of the Cedars

When Clavia is standing by the dock, Link can speak to her and she'll tell Link a secret.[3] She references the three trees up on the snowy mountain and that when the summit trees become one, Link should turn his back to them and head toward the sea. This is in reference to the three trees making a straight line. She later suggests that Link must head directly east from there, towards the Afromsia Coast. Here there is a trial encased in stone.[4]

The trial encased in stone is reference to a shrine that is hidden behind a bombable wall. Link can blast it open with a bomb to reveal the Tahno O'ah Shrine, completing the Shrine Quest.

Clavia will constantly be asking Link if he found the treasure, joking that she would split the reward with him.[5][6]

Tears of the Kingdom

Clavia resides in Hateno Village. Her husband is the mayor of Hateno Village and is having a big dispute with Ventest Clothing Boutique at the entrance of town. It really putting stress on them, making them hard to speak to.


  1. Mornin'. Are you a traveler? In that case, follow me for a minute. - Clavia
  2. Ahhh, Hateno... You're a traveler if e'er I saw one! Then there's something I want to show you. No questions, just follow me. - Clavia
  3. Thanks for waitin', traveler! Why don't you take a moment and lemme tug on your tunic for a second...speakin' figuratively, of course. - Clavia
  4. You see those three trees up on top of that snowy mountain there? I found a small letter stuck between the pages of this old book at my house... It said, "When the three summit trees become one, turn your back to them and head toward the sea. A trial encased in stone awaits you there." I don't know what that means! But maybe it means we have to head to Afromsia Coast, which is just east of those three trees on the mountain! For the "trial encased in stone..." but, I wonder if you get some kind of treasure for doing that... But I have a child! I can't just go off on a journey across the mountains... But you can do that, right?! You'd be great at that! Go on! Head out there and bring us back that treasure! - Clavia
  5. Did you happen to find the treasure... by any chance? I guess it probably wasn't fair of me to expect you to do all the exploring and adventuring... But maybe we could split the treasure seventy-thirty or something like that? - Clavia
  6. I'm plenty satisfied with what I have in my life as it is. The key is to always live within your means, you know? - Clavia