A Gift from the Monks

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A Gift from the Monks



Complete all 120 Shrines


Monk in the last completed shrine


Receive the monks' gift


A Gift from the Monks is a Side Quest from Breath of the Wild.


  • Complete all 120 Shrines


You will get this quest automatically after completing all 120 shrines.

Head to the objective marker (teleport to Rona Kachta Shrine in the Forgotten Temple and look behind it) for three chests. Open the three chests for the Cap, Tunic, and Trousers of the Wild. Opening the chests completes the quest.

Quest Description

Active Quest

You've conquered all of the shrine trials. The monks have prepared a gift for just such an occasion.

Head to the Forgotten Temple where the oldest statue of the Goddess stands to see what they have left for you there.

Completed Quest

You've accepted the gift from the monks at the Forgotten Temple.

Inside, you found a special green outfit made especially for the hero who braved the wilderness alone.

Will donning this outfit help you to become the land's true hero?