Bring Peace to Hyrule Field!

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Bring Peace to Hyrule Field!



Find Hoz in Hyrule Field





Bring Peace to Hyrule Field! is a Side Adventure in Tears of the Kingdom.


The quest becomes available after Link visits Hoz at Hyrule Castle and returns to speak with Purah at Lookout Landing.


Speak with Hoz, who can be found on horseback just southwest of the Hyrule Field Chasm. This will begin the quest, Hoz and his squad are about to launch an attack at a nearby monster base. He is delighted to have Link help in the attack.

The monster stronghold is located just east of the Hyrule Garrison Ruins. The Monster Forces, known as the Marauders of Hyrule Field, consist of Red Bokoblin, Blue Bokoblin, and a Moblin.

After completing the mission, Hoz will reward Link with a Silver Rupee. The group then plans to head southeast to Fort Hateno. This completes the quest, but unlocks the Bring Peace to Necluda! quest.

Adventure Log

Step Description
A monster-control-crew squad led by Hoz is on its way to a monster stronghold in Hyrule Field

Once they approach it, they'll wait for an opportunity to strike. Join the squad as they head to the stronghold.
Hoz's squad of the monster-control crew is battling monsters in Hyrule Field.

Join the squad and defeat all of the monsters!
You helped Hoz's squad of the monster-control crew by defeating the monsters in the stronghold.

The squad's next destination is Fort Hateno in Necluda, which is found in the southeast region of Hyrule.