Photographing a Chuchu

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Photographing a Chuchu
Photographing a Chuchu - TotK.jpg




Camera in Purah Pad unlocked
Alternate paraglider fabric
20 rupees


Speak to Sayge after having paraglider fabric changed once


Bring Sayge a photograph of a Chuchu


Chuchu Fabric
Opportunity to get more fabrics



Photgraphing a Chuchu is a Side Quest in Tears of the Kingdom.


Link must have the paraglider and at least one alternate fabric for it, the Camera in the Purah Pad unlocked, and he must have 20 rupees to spend to rework the paraglider. He must also reach Hateno Village.


  • Speak to Sayge in the Kochi Dye Shop, and opt to have the paraglider reworked with a new fabric. Link must supply the fabric and the 20 rupees labor charge.
  • After Link is launched from the chimney to display the new fabric, return to the dye shop.
  • Listen to Sayge say he wants to design his own fabrics, but needs inspiration to do so. He wants to see a Chuchu first - not an ice, fire or electric one, a basic Chuchu - but he's too "paint-hearted to get near one" and wants Link to show him.
  • If Link already has a Chuchu picture in the Purah Pad album (not Hyrule Compendium), he can immediately show Sayge. Else, he must find a Chuchu, photograph it, and return. These are found in many places, including in Ginner Woods west of Hateno.
  • Once Sayge sees the picture, he is immediately inspired and makes the Chuchu Fabric. He then makes it available for Link's use on his paraglider for the standard labor charge of 20 rupees.
  • With the quest complete, he also asks for more reference photos for other "fabrics [he'd] like to dye out": Aerocuda Fabric, Chuchu Fabric, Cucco Fabric, Eldin-Ostrich Fabric, Gleeok Fabric, Grizzlemaw-Bear Fabric, Horse Fabric, Lynel Fabric, and Stalnox Fabric.

Adventure Log

Step Description
Sayge at Kochi Dye Shop has started using his dyeing technique to make different fabrics. He wants to make one based on a Chuchu and has asked you for a visual reference.
If he could get a good look at a common, blue Chuchu, he could come up with a lovely design.
Sayge was struck by inspiration upon seeing your Chuchu picture and was able to finalize his fabric.

If you take any other pictures that could serve as reference for the fabrics Sayge wants to make, be sure to show them to him.