Ginner Woods

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Ginner Woods



Ginner Woods is a location in Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

The Woods are located just west of the entrance to Hateno Village, on the north side of the pathway. It is home a variety of wildlife and enemies. There are five Blue Bokoblin and they carry a Wooden Mop, Farming Hoes, Farmer's Pitchfork, and Boko Club. There are also some regular Red Bokokblin that also carry a Wooden Mop and a Boko Club. A number of Blue Chuchu can be found in the woods as well.

Searching the area, Link can encounter a Mountain Doe, Mountain Buck, Grassland Fox, and Woodland Boar.

There are a variety of goodies to be found on the floor, including Acorns, Stamella Shrooms, Ironshrooms, and Bladed Rhino Beetles.

Meghyn and Nat are two sisters and can be found within the Ginner Woods, searching for Hearty Truffles. The two will get ambushed by Bokoblin, with Meghyn always complaining that her sister Nat got them into this mess. Even after the woods are cleared of all monsters, the two will continue to argue as they search for truffles.





The name Ginner is short for Beginner. This coincides with the two other Wooded areas surrounding Hateno Village. Just to the west of town there is the Midla Woods, which is short for middle, and to the northeast of town the Retsam Forest; Retsam is spelled backwards is Master.