Retsam Forest

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Retsam Forest

The Retsam Forest is a location found in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

The Retsam Forest is a densely wooded area, located northeast of Hateno Village and directly north of the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab. There are a wide variety of mushrooms throughout the forest, most notably there being a handful of Ironshrooms and Sunshrooms.

Deer Hunting

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If Link talks to Dantz, who works on a farm at the east end of Hateno Village, he can participate in the Deer Hunting mini-game. Dantz needs Link help to control the over-population of Deer as it is destroying the forest.[1] In this mini-game, Link has 60-seconds to hunt down various Deer in the Retsam Forest.

Sunshroom Sensing

Main article: Sunshroom Sensing

As part of the Sunshroom Sensing side quest, Symin from over at the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab will task Link with finding several Sunshrooms. While these can be found in a variety of locations throughout Hyrule, Symin will guide Link towards the Retsam Forest, as it is right nearby and contains several Sunshrooms.[2]



Nearby Korok Seeds

Jump, dive, or fall into the ring of water lilies.

Jump, dive or fall into the ring of water lilies.

Tears of the Kingdom

Retsam Forest can be found just northeast of the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab. At the lower elevation of the forest to the east, there is a small pond. Next to the pond there is an entrance to the Walnot Mountain Cave, which travels beneath the Walnot Mountain.

Retsam Forest Cave

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As part of the Hateno Village Research Lab, Robbie will equip Link's Purah Pad with the Sensor ability. Link can use this to detect a nearby Shrine, which leads him to the Retsam Forest Cave. Inside the cave, Link will find the Mayahisik Shrine.

Korok Seeds

  • At the south end of the forest, by a small pond of water, there is a pinwheel. Stand by the pinwheel and shoot the balloon that appears in the water to get the Korok Seed.

Bugs and Materials


The name Retsam spelled backwards is Master. This coincides with the two other Wooded areas surrounding Hateno Village. Just to the west of town there is the Ginner Woods, which is short for Beginner, and the Midla Woods, which is short for middle.


  1. Woo-hoo! I had a lucky feeling you were the answer to my prayers! So what I need is for you to hunt some deer out in Retsam Forest. They're overpopulated these days, and it's destroying the forest. That's why I was hoping you could hunt all the deer you one minute. - Dantz
  2. It seems like you got a picture of a sunshroom! Excellent. Next, open your Hyrule Compendium and tune the sensor to your picture of the sunshroom. The Sheikah Sensor + will then be able to sense sunshrooms! The detailed instructions are written down in the book on the desk there. You should read them. This seems like a nice opportunity to ask if you'd mind bringing me three sunshrooms. You can find sunshrooms growing in Retsam Forest, I believe... The Sheikah Sensor + should make it a snap! - Symin