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Sensor is an ability in Tears of the Kingdom. It is essentially identical to the Sheikah Sensor from Breath of the Wild.

Tears of the Kingdom

As part of the Hateno Village Research Lab quest, Robbie will travel from Lookout Landing to the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab in his repaired Hot-Air Balloon. He asks Link to follow him over so that he can upgrade his Purah Pad. When Link does, he upgrades the Pad with the Sensor ability. This gives Link the ability to sense a Shrine of Light, one of which is right near the tech lab, within the Retsam Forest Cave. Finding the Shrine and then returning to Robbie will complete the quest.

Link is then able to ask Robbie about the Sensor +. This will begin the Presenting: Sensor +! side adventure. Link will need to capture five types of monsters with his Camera for the Hyrule Compendium. Once he does so, he can upgrade his Sensor to the Sensor +. This will give Link the ability to sense the proximity, and whether he is moving in the direction, any item currently registered in his Compendium, rather than just shrines.

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