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Dantz is a character in Breath of the Wild

Breath of the Wild

Dantz lives on the farm, located at the northeast edge of Hateno Village on the road towards the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab. He runs the farm with Koyin. The two also live with Tokk, the eldest member of Hateno Village. Dantz spends the entire day shoveling hay in the stalls with a Farmer's Pitchfork.

Deer Population Control

Main article: Deer Hunting

Dantz recognizes Link as a traveler and immediately asks if he is handy with a bow.[1] Dantz is concerned with the over population of Deer in the Retsam Forest and asks Link if he can help out for a minute.[2][3]

This will trigger a Deer Hunting mini-game where Link has to hunt as many deer as possible in one minute. Dantz will give Link a hint that he should use a strong bow so that he can take down a deer with one Arrow.[4][5] Link will appear in Retsam Forest and Dantz will start a one-minute counter.[6] After one minute is up, Dantz will call time and Link will appear back at the farm.[7]

Dantz will respond depending on how many Deer Link was able to hunt down.[8][9][10][11][12] Dantz will also reward Link if he is able to hunt down dear, giving him a Green, Blue, Red, or Purple Rupee, depending on the number of deer that were hunted. Even after Link is finished, Dantz will ask Link again if he'd like to try hunting.[13]


  1. Oh! Good day, stranger! Hrm? Are you some kinda wanderer? Hrm, interesting... This could work out... You look handy with a bow. Mind helping a poor farmer out? - Dantz
  2. Woo-hoo! I had a lucky feeling you were the answer to my prayers! So what I need is for you to hunt some deer out in Retsam Forest. They're overpopulated these days, and it's destroying the forest. That's why I was hoping you could hunt all the deer you can...in one minute. - Dantz
  3. Thank you! Can...can you go right away? - Dantz
  4. A trick? Well, I guess it helps to have a strong bow to take 'em down with one shot. And of course, you want to get close enough to the deer to line up your shot without them noticing you. - Dantz
  5. What a trooper! I'm counting on you! - Dantz
  6. About that deer hunting... No time like the present, right? Go get started, and I'll call you once your minute is up, OK? - Dantz
  7. That's time! Come back, wanderer! - Dantz
  8. Huh? You didn't even get ONE? Sorry, but no results, no reward. - Dantz
  9. Thanks for doing your part! HEre's a reward for you... - Dantz
  10. You're downright vicious with that bow, wanderer! Here's a reward for you... - Dantz
  11. I knew you were a go-getter, but this is more than I ever dreamed of! Here's a reward for you... - Dantz
  12. Easy there, wanderer. I didn't think I'd be saying this, but there's such a thing as being TOO good a hunter. - Dantz
  13. The thing with these deer, though... We really have to get their numbers under control. Hey, wanderer, can I ask you to go again? - Dantz