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Koyin is a character in Breath of the Wild

Breath of the Wild

Koyin lives on the farm, located at the northeast edge of Hateno Village on the road towards the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab.

Koyin is a fighter and will not shy away from a battle. She hates that monsters that have come up to her farm from Hateno Beach.[1] The last time they attempted to come up, she used her Pitchfork to fight them off. While she wanted to follow them all the way to Hateno Beach, she wasn't quite sure she can take on all seven of them at once.[2] When asks, she will tell Link how to reach Hateno Beach, located just southeast of town and that Link can find it on his map.[3]

The Sheep Rustlers

Main article: The Sheep Rustlers

When Link first meets Koyin, she'll be a bit angry, as she's on the lookout for monsters. They come up to her farm from Hateno Beach and steal the sheep. She says that if somebody doesn't do something soon, she won't have any sheep left.[4] This will begin The Sheep Rustlers side quest.

After heading to Hateno Beach and defeating the seven enemies located at the Bokoblin camp, return and speak with Koyin. She will state that the sheep have all calmed down now that they monsters on the beach have been defeated.[5] She asks Link if he was the one who took care of those monsters. After finding out it was Link, she thanks him by rewarding him with ten bottles of Fresh Milk.[6]

Koyin is relieved that she can finally get a good night's sleep without worry about her animals.[7] She even states that the sheep have been yielding more milk and is very thankful for the work Link did.[8]



  • In Breath of the Wild, Koyin's complaint of monsters coming into a settlement is only possible outside the parameters established in the game, as monsters in-game do not approach or enter settlements. This doesn't mean that her argument is merely anecdotal or that she's lying, but rather, that it can't happen in-game.


  1. I hate that gang of monsters on Hateno Beach... - Koyin
  2. The stupid ones who attack anything that moves. Last time they showed up, I gave them a taste of my pitchfork. But I had second thoughts about following them back to their camp on Hateno Beach. I was mad enough to spit but maybe not mad enough to take on seven monsters at once. - Koyin
  3. It's southeast of the village. Follow the winding road, and you'll be there before you know it. It's well-known enough that you can probably find it on a map, come to that. - Koyin
  4. Hey, you. What do YOU want? Oh, don't act so clueless. Although... Fine. You seem harmless enough. Forgive me, I've just been on edge with all these monsters running around. They come up from Hateno Beach to steal my sheep. If someone doesn't do something soon, I won't have any left! - Koyin
  5. The sheep have calmed down. I think they get that they're not about to be snatched at any moment. Hey... Sorry if I'm off the mark in asking this, but are you the one who took care of those monsters? - Koyin
  6. I had a feeling. When the sheep all calmed down, I thought, "Maybe he did it..." So it seems I owe you some thanks. This isn't much of a reward, but hey, it's light. That counts for something. - Koyin
  7. It'll be nice to have a night's sleep without worrying about my flock. And, er... if you want...you can talk to me anytime. O-or not! - Koyin
  8. The sheep have been eating and sleeping better. They're yielding more milk too. You've single-handedly saved my flock! - Koyin