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Tokk is a character in Breath of the Wild

Breath of the Wild

Tokk lives on the farm, located at the northeast edge of Hateno Village on the road towards the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab. Tokk is an older man who lives alongside Koyin and Dantz. He is rather humble, referring to himself as just an old man and nothing more than that.[1]

Tokk will reluctantly talk with Link about the Great Calamity. He doesn't understand why Link cares to hear about it as it happened so long ago and is now in the past. He does speak about how the world was once filled with beautiful cities and villages that were destroyed but that Hateno Village was far enough away that it was spared.[2]

Tokk will also talk about the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab, located right up the hill. He mentions that the Sheikah tribe director is doing some mysterious things up there.[3]

Tokk wakes up early in the morning at 5am and then goes and sits on his tool just outside. He will remain out there until 9pm, when he returns inside to go to bed for the night.[4] Although he does get annoyed with Link if he tries to talk to him while he is on his way to bed.[5] Tokk sleeps on the bed that is on the first floor of the building. While there are two beds on the second floor for Koyin and Dantz, neither of them use them as they are awake 24-hours a day.


  1. Me? Well, I'm just an old man. Nothing more to it than that. - Tokk
  2. The Calamity? Did Uma put some ideas in your head? What good is sniffing around on a thing that happened 100 years ago? I can tell you what my father told me, but I don't see what good it will do... The Great Calamity was a catastrophe that...contaminated Hyrule Castle. That's how I understood it, anyway. Our world was once filled with beautiful cities and prosperous villages, but the Calamity destroy all of that. Luckily, Hateno Village was far enough away from Hyrule Castle that the damage here was minor in comparison. And then there was something about a brave soul that tried to stop the Calamity, I think... I don't remember it all. What does it matter, though? That's all in the past. - Tokk
  3.'s a farm. But you knew that much, right? OH! Are you talk about that odd house up top there? That place on that hill to the east is the research lab. I heard a Sheikah tribe director is doing some mysterious things up there. - Tokk
  4. I'm going to bed. See you. - Tokk
  5. Well, I guess I can say good-bye to sleep. - Tokk