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Meghyn (Sister)

Nat is a character in Breath of the Wild


Nat can be found wandering about in the Ginner Woods, located just west of Hateno Village. She is with her sister Meghyn searching for Hearty Truffles, but the two of them get ambushed by the Blue Bokoblin that are all over the woods. They are running away from the Bokoblin, with one of them occasionally being knocked down and left behind. Meghyn entirely blames her sister for the predicament that they are in as Nat is the leader of the two, dictating what the two of them do. Nat is dead set on finding Hearty Truffles, even if it means putting themselves in dangerous situations.[1]

When Nat gets ambushed by a Blue Bokoblin, Meghyn is scared and thinks that it might be the enter of her.[2][3]

Even after Link has defeated all the Bokoblins and cleared the forest, the two sisters will continue to search the forest for truffles and will argue with one another. They lean over and search by a nearby tree. It becomes apparent that Nat is only interested in the truffles as they fetch a high price and she is trying to earn a living.[4][5][6][7]

Despite her sisters safety concerns, Nat insists that the two continue to look for hearty truffles. Meghyn reluctantly goes along with this but knows that quicker they find truffles, the quicker they can get out of this situation.[8][9][10]

Nat and Meghyn can also be found in the Sarjon Woods, just southwest of the Faron Tower. Just like in the Ginner Woods, the two are searching for Hearty Truffles and are ambushed by some Bokoblins.[11] After Link saves them from the monsters, the two will continues their search, looking for truffles. Additionally, Nat and Meghyn can be found along the path, just south of the Foothill Stable, once again getting ambushed by some Bokoblin.[12]



  1. We're travelling all over to find heart truffles. I know, I know-it's dangerous for two folks to travel on their own these days. You don't have to tell me twice! But when I think about how wonderful those truffles taste, all the worries and warnings melt away. - Nat
  2. Nat! Oh, this is just perfect... - Meghyn
  3. It's not too late for my sister, right? Right? - Meghyn
  4. Hearty truffles aren't your run-of-the-mill mushrooms you find growing on half the trees in the forest. They're a gourmet treat that soothes your fatigue and brings you back up to tip-top shape! I know that it's dangerous for the two of us to be out here without protection. We've been in our share of scrapes. But there's no reward without risk, right? - Nat
  5. Nat! Try not to make it sound so much like we only care about the money! It's not worth anything if we don't make it back home to spend it, you know? - Meghyn
  6. It'll be fine! Either we get a little practice fighting, or we find more hearty truffles. Win-win, right? - Nat
  7. You are going to be the death of me. - Meghyn
  8. I told Nat that our luck would run out in about five minutes flat if we went truffle hunting here. But when those visions of rupees start dancing in her head, there's no getting through to her anymore. - Meghyn
  9. Less talking, more hunting! Remember, Meghyn, nobody goes home until we find those hearty truffles! - Nat
  10. *sigh* She's right. The sooner we find those truffles, the sooner this will all be over with. - Meghyn
  11. Eesh... They never fight fair! They always lurk in wait to ambush us. What a bunch of cowards. Seems like every time I go out hunting for heart truffles, I'm taking my life in my hands. - Nat
  12. Nooo! Meghyn! - Nat