Sturnida Springs Cave

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Sturnida Springs Cave is a location in Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom

The entrance to this cave is in a crevice just past a torch at the headwaters of the Sturnida Springs. In the first large chamber with Brightcap Mushrooms, move the bolder away from the south side of the center rock formation to find a chest with a Knight's Claymore.

Continue downward and the path will split into three branches. The east branch is blocked by breakable rocks, and leads to another large chamber with more breakable rocks. Both sides lead to a small space where the Bubbulfrog is hiding.

On the opposite wall of this chamber, beneath where you entered, move the boulder and crouch to crawl through to a large, luminescent chamber filled with a variety of Mushrooms. This is the Mushroom Haven that Nat and Meghyn are searching for in the Side Quest Who Finds the Haven?.

Back to the main corridor, the other two branches lead around to the same vine-blocked chamber where you'll find some Ore Deposits.