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Shopkeeper of Kochi Dye Shop




Senna (wife)
Sefaro (son)
Aju (ancestor)

Sayge is a character in Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

Sayge lives in Hateno Village with his wife Senna and his son Sefaro. He runs the Kochi Dye Shop and it is also where the entire family lives. Sayge and Senna have bunk beds on the main floor, with Senna taking the lower bunk. Although Sayge never actually goes to sleep as he mans the shop 24-hours a day.

Sayge is the enthusiastic owner of the Kochi Dye Shop, constantly laughing and making jokes about how at the Kochi Dye SHop, we live to dye.[1] He regularly makes color jokes, such as stating that Link is a pigment of his imagination.[2] He also makes jokes with the word, stating that every day is a good day to dye.[3] For the cost of 20 rupees, as well as a particular dye ingredient, Link is able to change the color of some of his wardrobe.

Sayge is very happy that somebody as young as Link is interested in getting his clothes dyed, as he has made it his duty to assure young people don't lost interest in the tradition.[4] Sayge explains that in the past, the Kochi Dye Shop provided all of the items necessary for a customer to dye its clothes. However, with the large quantity of monsters that are prevalent in the world, it has become much more difficult to acquire ingredients. So now, customers bring their own ingredients to the shop and there is a small 20 rupee service charge.[5]

When Link wants to dye his clothes, Sayge will have Link go and wait up at the top of the steps.[6][7] At this point Link is able to change his clothes or choose the color at which he'd like to dye his clothes. After choosing your color, Sayge will drop Link into the tank below, at which point Link's outfit will be dyed to the chosen color.[8][9]

After Link has dyed his clothes, he can talk to Sayge to change the clothes back to their original color.[10] Although if you've never dyed your clothes, Sayge will encourage you to get started on it.[11]


  1. Welcome! If you were looking to add some color to your wardrobe, you found the right place! Hue do you do? Welcome to Kochi Dye Shop, where we live to dye! If you have any dye ingredients, it's 20 rupees to due an item... That includes our service charge, of course. Let's get going and dye your getup to the color of your choosing! - Sayge
  2. Hee har ha! If your not a pigment of my imagination, you must be a customer! - Sayge
  3. Come 'round again! Every day is a good day to dye! - Sayge
  4. I love the fact that someone so young is so interested in our unique Hateno dyes. It is indeed part of my duty to keep the young people from losing their interest in the tradition... - Sayge
  5. Let me give you all the colorful details of how the magic works! Hateno dyeing is a traditional craft of Hateno Village. In days past, we'd use our own prepared dye ingredients. But these days, there are so many monsters about, that it's difficult for us to gather ingredients... That's why we switched to the customer bringing us the dye ingredients, and in return, we have a small service charge. And the total price is just 20 rupeees! So now... Now! I'll dye your clothes to the color of your choosing for 20 rupees. That includes all consulting fees! - Sayge
  6. Wonderful. Now go wait up there. I'll just be a minute. - Sayge
  7. It's time to tint! Another day to dye that whole outfit all at once! All right, choose your dye color or go ahead and change clothes! - Sayge
  8. Thanks for your business. Hue we go! - Sayge
  9. Yeehoo! We made something very special here if I do say so myself! It's downright miraculous what a difference a new set of duds makes. You're looking very chic! Do you find this pallette-able? If you'd like to do a redye, just let me know! - Sayge
  10. Or would you like to get back to square one and change your clothes back to their original color? - Sayge
  11. What do you know, you don't even have any dyed clothes! Let's get some color going here! - Sayge