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Sayge (father)
Senna (mother)
Aju (ancestor)

Sefaro is a character in Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

Sefaro lives in Hateno Village with his father Sayge and his mother Senna. His father runs the Kochi Dye Shop and it is also where the entire family lives. Sayge and Senna have bunk beds on the main floor, although Sayge never actually goes to sleep as he mans the shop 24-hours a day. Sefaro will sleep at the adjacent bed.

Sefaro wakes up at 8am each morning and runs off towards the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab. As he is anxious to make his way towards the Tech Lab, he will get upset if Link stops him to chat.[1] As he perceives his missions to be secret, he will also get upset if Link follows him.[2] Sefaro and his friend Azu are doing some investigating, as they have heard from Karin that there is a little girl who occasionally comes out of the tech lab. The two are referring to Purah, the director of the tech lab. Despite her old age, she resembles that of a child. However, when Azu and Safaro are in place to look, Purah never leaves the tech lab.[3][4][5][6][7][8][9][10][11][12] If at any point Link stands in the way of Sefaro, he will get upset and ask Link to move.[13][14]

Safaro and Azu will stay on guard until 8pm before then heading back home to get to bed. Despite it being late and him being on his way home, Sefaro remains anxious about the expedition the next day.[15] Even when Sefaro is sleeping he will continue to think about the girl from the Sheikah Tribe.[16][17]



  1. Watcha want? Stay outta my way! - Sefaro
  2. What?! Don't follow me! - Sefaro
  3. Is there really a girl there? Sefaro! How do things look over there? - Azu
  4. The girl... She won't come out! - Sefaro
  5. There aren't any girls around here... Was Karin lying to us? Sefaro! How do things look over there? - Azu
  6. No luck! There's nothing here! - Sefaro
  7. A girl from the Sheikah tribe... I don't see any around here... Hey, Azu! How are things over there?! - Sefaro
  8. No luck over here! - Azu
  9. A girl from the Sheikah tribe... Is there really one there?... Hey, Azu! How are things over there?! - Sefaro
  10. No luck! Nothing's coming up over here! - Azu
  11. A girl from the Sheikah tribe... Is there really one there?... Azu!! Wanna go see if it's true about the little girl?! - Sefaro
  12. Hmm... My ma says I shouldn't get too close to the research lab... - Azu
  13. Hey! I can't see! Move! - Sefaro
  14. Hey! I can't see if you're standing there! Move! - Sefaro
  15. Tomorrow it's back to the expedition! - Sefaro
  16. Graaah... - Sefaro
  17. Snnnrrmm... Zzz... Nnggg... A girl from the Sheikah tribe... Zzz... - Sefaro