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Sayge (Husband)
Sefaro (Son)

Senna is a character in Breath of the Wild.


Senna lives in Hateno Village with her husband Sayge and her son Sefaro. Her husband runs the Kochi Dye Shop and it is also where the entire family lives. Sayge and Senna have bunk beds on the main floor, with Senna taking the lower bunk. Although Sayge never actually goes to sleep as he mans the shop 24-hours a day.

Senna wakes up at 5am each morning to head outside where she serves as a greeter for the Kochi Dye Shop. She is passionate, but also nervous about her job as a greeter.[1] If Link says that it is a mistake and doesn't need help, she gets a bit upset as it is distracting her from doing her job as a greeter.[2] Despite being passionate about her job, she does a lousy job at greeting Link. If Link is interested, she shouts at her husband Sayge that there is a customer.[3] When spoken to again, she has a bit of an attitude as she tells Link to just pop inside to talk to her husband.[4] When the weather is nice, she will describe herself as the hardest working greeter that there is, but states that it hardly seems like work when the weather is nice.[5]

Each evening at 9pm, Senna will head back inside the shop to get back to sleep.[6]



  1. OK, OK, I've got this. Greeting time. You're a customer, right? - Senna
  2. I don't know about any mistake, but if you don't need anything, move on, OK? I've got greeting to do. - Senna
  3. HON, IT"S A CUSTOMERRRR! Looks like he's hungry to have his clothes dyed! I'll leave it to you! - Senna
  4. Yeah, yeah, you're a customer. I get it. If you want to get your clothes dyed, pop inside and talk to my husband. Trust me, you can't miss him. - Senna
  5. I'm the hardest working greeter there is. Thought it hardly seems like work when the weather's so nice. - Senna
  6. I'm done greeting for the day! Talk to the boss. - Senna