A Way to Trade, Washed Away

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A Way to Trade, Washed Away
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Speak to Garini at the Lurelin General Store


Bring Garini a boat


Star Fragment
Lurelin General Store reopens



A Way to Trade, Washed Away is a Side Quest in Tears of the Kingdom.


After the Monster Forces have been driven from Lurelin Village and the damaged buildings repaired by Bolson with Link's help, Garini is still unable to reopen the Lurelin General Store as his boat was lost in the catastrophe. When Link asks, he mentions that things wash up on Tenoko Island and he might have been able to find a boat there... only he would need a boat to get there, leaving him stuck.

If Link brings Garini a boat from Tonoko, he is overjoyed and fixes it up quickly, naming it the Ever-Lovely Mubs after his wife. He gives Link a Star Fragment as thanks and reopens his store. Like everything else in the village, he does not charge Link to take anything as thanks for his help in recovering and repairing the village.


Ruffian-Infested Village, Village Attacked by Pirates, and Lurelin Village Restoration Project must be completed to perform this quest.


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Adventure Log

Step Description
A general merchant, Garini, is upset that his trading boat has floated out to sea. He wants to get his hands on a boat he can use instead. Garini says that things often drift all the way to Tenoko Island, off the eastern coast—maybe there's a beached boat there that he can use.
You gave Garini a boat. To thank you, he wants to give you something called a "star fragment." Talk to him when you've organized your pouch.
You gave a boat to Garini. He quickly rebuilt it as a trading vessel and reopened his general store.