Molli the Fletcher's Quest

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Molli the Fletcher's Quest



Speak with Molli in Rito Village


10 Arrows



Molli the Fletcher's Quest is a Side Quest in Tears of the Kingdom.


After arriving at Rito Village and initially speaking with the kids near the bottom of Rito Village, they will scatter about to different parts of Rito Village.


Speak with Molli near the top of Rito Village. She mentions that here dad told her that she can use Ice Fruit to freeze monsters. This has given her an idea for her own invention on using materials to freeze enemies.

Molli is looking for some Ice Fruit, though White Chuchu Jelly will also work. If Link has one on him, Molli will sense it and he can give it to her right then and there. White Chuchu Jelly can be found by defeating an Ice Chuchu, while Ice Fruit can be found in the Hebra Mountains. Alternatively, using any freeze mechanics on a regular Chuchu or on Chuchu Jelly can get Link some White Chuchu Jelly.

After giving her collectible, she mentions she can attach it to an Arrow and use it to freeze monsters. As a reward for helping her out, she will give Link ten Arrows.

Adventure Log

Step Description
Molli has an idea for a new way to use ice fruit. But she doesn't have the ice fruit she needs to implement her plan.
Molli was overjoyed to get what she needed and gave you some wooden arrows in return. Now she can craft arrows that freeze monsters!

She's determined to come up with more ideas for new arrows and become a great fletcher for her father and townspeople.