Cash In on Ripened Flint

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Cash In on Ripened Flint




Complete Meat for Meat


Talk to Gomo


Give Gomo the Ripened Flint


1000 Rupees



Cash In on Ripened Flint is a Side Quest in Tears of the Kingdom.


Gomo wants to eat the Ripened Flint. It looks like casual Flint, and the only diference between them is taste.

Link needs to give Gomo some flint. If the Goron senses the ripened flint, he'll pay Link 1000 Rupees.


The quest is available after completing Meat for Meat quest.


  • Speak with Gomo, who sits at the table, right from Bedrock Bistro. He says that he wants to eat the ripened flint and he'll pay you 1000 rupees if you bring him one. He also mentions that the ripened flint looks exactly like the normal flint and the only diference is it taste. You'll need to give him 20, 50 or 100 flints and he'll pay you only if he senses the ripened one.
  • The easiest way to complete this quest is to save before giving Gomo the flint and load the file if you didn't get rupees. After saving, give flint to Gomo. If he didn't sense any ripened flint, reload the file and check again. Do so until you get your reward.
  • You can freely use this technique to farm rupees.

Adventure Log

Step Description
Gomo the goromand will pay 1,000 rupees for ripened flint.

It can be found mixed with other flint pieces, but the only way to sort them is through taste.

Gomo the goromand found some ripened flint amid the fegular flint you brought him, and he seemed satisfied. He generously paid you 1,000 rupees and said he'll gladly pay the same for more ripened flint.