Ripened Flint

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Ripened Flint



1,000 Rupees


Ripened Flint is an object in Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom

When Link visits the Bedrock Bistro, he'll meet a Goron named Gomo. After first completing the Meat for Meat quest, Link can speak with Gomo to begin the Cash In on Ripened Flint quest.

Gomo is a traveling Goron who loves consuming rocks and talks about the rarity of Ripened Flint. It looks exactly like regular Flint, but has a different taste when consumed by a Goron. As part of the quest, Link is able to give Gomo some Flint in quantities of 20, 50 or 100. Gomo will consume the Flint and if he finds that one of them is a Ripened Flint, he will award Link with 1,000 Rupees. Successfully finding a Ripened Flint will complete the Cash In on Ripened Flint quest.


  • It is completely random if Flint ends up being Ripened Flint. Link can give Gomo 20, 50, or 100 Flint and get no Ripened Flint. The player can save his progress before giving Gomo 20 Flint. If he does not find any Ripened Flint, Link can reload the safe file and try it again with 20 Flint. Link can repeatedly use this strategy until he finds a Ripened Flint. Even after completing the quest, Link can do this to farm rupees.