A New Signature Food

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A New Signature Food



Begin the Team Cece or Team Reede? quest


Speak with Reede


Give Reede some Hateno Cheese




A New Signature Food is a Side Adventure in Tears of the Kingdom.


Link will first need to meet with Cece and begin the Team Cece or Team Reede? quest first, before being able to begin this quest.


  • Speak with Reede and Link will find he's trying to bring a tasteful food back that nobody has tried in years. Reede's grandfather worked with someone from the village to create a special kind of food. Reede sampled the food at the time and wanted to make it a signature staple of the village. He thinks if he can make this a reality, it will help with the election against Cece. Reede however, doesn't remember who or what was created.
  • Reede is looking for Hateno Cheese. Link is able to acquire some Hateno Cheese by completing the A Letter to Koyin quest at the Hateno Pasture. After doing so, Link will be given some Hateno Cheese from Koyin. Link can then purchase more cheese from Koyin.
  • Give Reede some Hateno Cheese and he'll be delighted. He'll work to try to make it a new village staple and thinks it will help swing the election. As a reward, he will give Link a Silver Rupee.

Adventure Log

Step Description
Reede wants to make the food that his grandfather created with another villager into a new village staple. However, all he remembers about it is its creamy, melty mouthfeel and its unique, pungent aroma.

Reede thinks smelling that aroma again might jog his memory.
It seems Reede's grandfather had worked with another villager to make Hateno cheese. Convinced it will seal his victory in the mayoral election, Reede decides to market it as Hateno Village's new signature staple. From now on, you can buy Hateno cheese not just at Hateno Pasture but also at Hateno Village's general store and from merchants on the roads.