Trail of the Master Sword

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Trail of the Master Sword





Speak to Mineru


Find the location of the Master Sword




Trail of the Master Sword is a Main Quest in Tears of the Kingdom.


Note: This quest is not required to retrieve the Master Sword. If Link already has the Master Sword when he is given the quest, it will complete immediately.

When Link and Mineru in her construct defeat the Seized Construct and retrieve her Secret Stone, she tells Link about how the Sages of the distant past fought the Demon King Ganondorf, and how they were only able to stop him through Rauru's sacrifice. She then tells him about how she herself was mortally wounded by gloom in the battle but not quite killed, and that Zelda came to her with the Decayed Master Sword - sent back in time to her - and told her of her intent to draconify herself - sacrificing her sense of self in the process - to restore it over the millenia until the present day. Mineru reluctantly agreed to help, and now wants Link to find the restored Master Sword. She points him toward the Great Deku Tree to find out more about where it could be.


To activate the quest, the Guidance from Ages Past quest must be complete.


  • When Link journeys to the Spirit Temple, and defeats the Seized Construct, he will be shown the Critical Decisions memory, which triggers the beginning of the Trail of the Master Sword quest.
  • The Great Deku Tree can be found within the Korok Forest, but the entrance is blocked off because of thick fog. Instead, Link will need to first enter the Depths from the Minshi Woods.
  • From the depths, Link will be able to see the massive fog from even beneath the Korok Forest. Link will need to travel to the northwest to reach the Korok Grove. Just near the Rikonasum Lightroot, there is an Ascend Point, which Link can use to travel back to the surface, arriving with the Korok Forest.
  • The Koroks, as well as the Great Deku Tree are seemingly frozen and will not communicate with Link. Within the Great Deku Tree's Navel, Link will discover the Deku Tree Chasm, which leads back down to the depths. Down below, there is a Gloom Spawn which must be defeated, causing Phantom Ganon to appear.
  • Speak with Great Deku Tree to complete the Trali of the Master Sword quest. This will immediately unlock the Recovering the Hero's Sword quest.

Adventure Log

Step Description
Where even the sages of old could not defeat the Demon King, the darkness-sealing Master Sword wounded him.

According to Mineru, Princess Zelda said to speak to the Deku Tree about the Master Sword.
Where even the sages of old could not defeat the Demon King, the sword that seals the darkness—the Master Sword—wounded him.

According to Mineru, Princess Zelda said to speak to the Deku Tree about the Master Sword. You learned that the Deku Tree is in Korok Forest.
The sword that seals the darkness, the Master Sword, passed into a distant time and into Princess Zelda's hands. You were able to obtain clues about it.