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Identity death

How to Perform

Swallow a Secret Stone

Used by


Transforms one into an immortal dragon, at the cost of their sense of self

Draconification (verb to draconify, draconified) is a forbidden process from Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom

Draconification is to swallow a Zonai Secret Stone, transforming one into a long, snake-like dragon with short, vestigial legs. Doing so is said to obliterate one's sense of self, leaving only an animal-like intelligence. The process was known from ancient times, and was noted as forbidden by Mineru because of the loss of self.

While there are five known examples of this type of dragon, no information is known about who Dinraal, Farosh and Naydra were before they became dragons. The earliest known example is the time-travelling Zelda willingly swallowing her secret stone to become the Light Dragon, with the aim of bathing the Decayed Master Sword in her sacred power for millennia, repairing and strengthening it so that Ganondorf could not shatter it again in her original time. A dying Mineru strongly objected to her decision, but relented and agreed to help with the plan as she could. Zelda is also the only known case of draconification being reversed, as the ghosts of Rauru and Sonia combined their powers with Link's Zonai arm to revert both her and the arm to their original forms before disappearing into the afterlife for good.

The other known example is Ganondorf himself, who chose to swallow the secret stone he killed Sonia for rather than admit defeat at Link's hands. The Demon Dragon which resulted was subsequently destroyed by Link with the aid of the Light Dragon, leading into the events which restored Zelda to her Hylian form.