White Goats Gone Missing

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White Goats Gone Missing
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Speak to Penn & Chork


Find Chork's White Goats



White Goats Gone Missing is a Side Adventure in Tears of the Kingdom.


Head to Tabantha Bridge Stable and look for the conspicuously empty goat pen to the south-east.Chork, it seems, has lost his pride and joy — his white goats, who he was feeding using Princess Zelda’s special recipe of whole, unground Hylian Pine Cones. Or at least he thinks that’s what the recipe was, because he lost it…


Link must have spoken to Traysi and taken a freelance job for the Lucky Clover Gazette in the Potential Princess Sightings! Side Adventure.


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After talking to Chork and Penn, your fellow reporter, you’ll begin the side quest. The task here is to follow the trail of uneaten Hylian Pine Cones to the missing herd.

While this may seem simple — and it starts simple enough — the pine cones can get easily lost in the grass if you wander off trail. If this happens, you have three options to quickly get back on track.

1. The first is to use Ultrahand and spin the camera, looking for glowing orange bits that signify something you can interact with.

2. The second is to pan the camera down to get a bird’s-eye view. Fortunately, the Switch can’t draw enough grass to fully hide the pine cone!

3. The third is to very slowly pan the camera and look for the ‘item-drop sparkles’. This will show you where the next collectable item is, which is most likely your next Hylian Pine Cone!

Follow the trail all the way and you will eventually come across the goats! If you are struggling, then proceed to co-ordinates (-2546, 0409, 0150).

Among the herd is a message in a bottle — interact with it (and read the amusing dialogue that follows) to finish the quest “White Goats Gone Missing”!

Adventure Log

Step Description
It seems that all of the white goats kept in Tabantha Bridge Stable have run off together. According to Penn, these events may somehow connect to Princess Zelda. You may learn more by speaking with the stable hand, Chork, who is responsible for the white goats.
According to Chork, the white goats ran off after they were given a special feed made from a recipe Princess Zelda created. The only thing left behind when they fled were uneaten Hylian pine cones. Did the goats really run off because of the food they were given? Where did they run off to?
You've found the white goats that went missing. Chork is incredibly remorseful for having messed up the animal-feed recipe, and even more remorseful for having doubted Princess Zelda's recipe in the first place. After you told Penn what happened, he returned to the newspaper to write up an article about the events.