Ancient Zora Waterworks

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Ancient Zora Waterworks

Ancient Zora Waterworks is a location in Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom

As part of the Sidon of the Zora quest, Link will cause a green portal to appear at the East Reservoir Lake. Upon investigating it Sidon will create a whirlpool, which Link can fall into to find the underwater Ancient Zora Waterworks.

In the first area, there is a turquoise circle on the right that has some boulders in it. Break the boulders with a Bomb Flower, causing water to flow, and raising the water level. Up ahead in the main chamber, there are three similar turquoise circles and a large platform in the center of the room. The goal of the Waterworks is to raise the water level by destroying the boulders that have blocked the water from flowing.

Begin with the circle that is lowest, which is easily accessible. The second one is a bit higher up and will require Link to use Ultrahand on the nearby wooden planks to create a ramp. The third one is a bit trickier. There are some sewers just beneath the circle. Link will need to navigate these sewers to reach the back of the area. In the back area, there is an area with a sewer lid up above, where some water is flowing down. Use Ascend to climb up and blow up the boulder found here.

After reaching the platform in the center of the room, Link can tap on it, which triggers a cut-scene. This will cause a massive waterfall to be created, coming from an island up above. Link is able to ride up the waterfall with the Zora Armor to reach the Wellspring Island.

After defeating Mucktorok in the Wellspring Island Link can head back here to find out that all the water is gone at the main chamber. Underneath the platform at the center is a hole; down below is an area with many Luminous Ore Deposits and waterfalls. At the left side a Stone Talus (Luminous) can be found. At the back of this cave a waterfall can be found with a chest behind it containing Zora Greaves.