Akkala Wilds

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Akkala Wilds

Akkala Wilds is an area in Breath of the Wild. Be cautious when exploring this area because there is a Silver Lynel that can be found patrolling here.

Nearby Korok Seeds

Run through the flowers in order.

Head towards the northwestern part of the tree grove to find Korok flowers. Run through them in order to get the Korok Seed.

Roll a boulder into the hole. Boulders can be found on the nearby hill to the southeast. It is advised to kill the Lynel first.

There's a giant hole in the ground here. Find a boulder on the hill to the southeast and get it into the hole. Stasis will be required. It is possible to hit the boulder directly into the hole in one shot with stasis, but this is quite difficult.

Knock the boulder off, then pick up the little rock.

Move the big rock (using Stasis or an Octo Balloon), and then pick up the small rock.