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Breath of the Wild
Zora's Domain
Tears of the Kingdom
Zora's Domain


Marot (granddaughter)

Dento is a character in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

Dento is a Zora who lives in Zora's Domain with his granddaughter, Marot. He runs the Hammerhead, which is a weapons workshop that is a part of Marot Mart.[1]

When Link first arrives at Zora's Domain, Dento shows a lot of animosity towards him. Dento blames Link for stealing away Lady Mipha. He angrily asks Link what business he has after all of these years.[2]

Dento is very brief with Link, giving him short and direct answers, as he does not want to interact with him.[3] He refers to the Hammerhead as a weapons workshop and he is currently doing some trident maintenance.[4][5] He specifically mentions the Lightscale Trident and the Ceremonial Trident. Although he quickly stops, telling Link that he's been making quite a racket since he walked in. Dento has no reason to speak with Link, especially if he does not possess a Lightscale Trident. He asks Link to leave, immediately.[6]

He will craft a new Ceremonial Trident for Link if he brings a Zora Spear along with 5 Flint to exchange.[7][8]

If you have not picked up the Ceremonial Trident, then he will not remake it for you. [9]

Tears of the Kingdom

Dento can still be found at the Hammerhead with his granddaughter Marot. During the Zora Regional Phenomena, the workshop is closed due to the Sludge and abundance of decayed weapons.



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