Windblight Ganon

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Windblight Ganon
Windblight Ganon - HWAoC key art.jpg
Windblight Ganon from Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity


Scourge of the Divine Beast Vah Medoh



Vah Medoh
Hyrule Castle (if not defeated at Vah Medoh)
Illusory Realm (DLC)



Difficulty ON.gifDifficulty ON.gifDifficulty ON.gifDifficulty ON.gifDifficulty OFF.gifDifficulty OFF.gifDifficulty OFF.gifDifficulty OFF.gifDifficulty OFF.gifDifficulty OFF.gif


Laser Blaster
Torpedo Attack
Guardian Laser



Windblight Ganon is a boss in Breath of the Wild and Age of Calamity. It was sent by Calamity Ganon to corrupt the Divine Beast Vah Medoh.

Breath of the Wild


"This phantom of Ganon attacked the Divine Beast Vah Medoh and was responsible for the demise of the Champion Revali. It specializes in long-ranged wind attacks."

— In-game description

Windblight Ganon killed Revali during the Great Calamity, taking control of Vah Medoh for Calamity Ganon, eventually serving as boss of the dungeon when Link came to free it of Ganon's control 100 years later. If Link doesn't fight Windblight Ganon inside of Vah Medoh, he will later encounter the boss in the Sanctum inside of Hyrule Castle, being the first Blight that Link faces there.

In the EX Champion Revali's Song DLC quest, Windblight Ganon is fought again with limited equipment in the Illusory Realm.


Phase 1

The fight begins with Windblight Ganon teleporting to a position in the room, and will prepare one of two attacks: it will either fire four consecutive laser beams from its arm cannon or summon a small tornado which will move erratically around the arena. When it does these attacks, Link should simply run from them: there's no counter. After Windblight Ganon shoots the laser beams, it will be vulnerable if it is at ground level. At this stage, it's best for Link to equip a One-Handed Weapon, such as the Master Sword which has an increased power of 60, and keep slashing until Windblight Ganon gets up and teleports to a different position. Link should take caution however; after taking some hits Windblight Ganon will attempt to attack Link.

Another strategy is to use arrows, Bomb Arrows are particularly useful since they deal a large amount of damage. If Link can hit three critical shots before Windblight Ganon teleports away, it will drop to the ground and be vulnerable to attacks. At this stage, Link can use a Two-Handed Weapon in combination with a charged attack to inflict large amounts of damage very quickly. If Link has possession of Urbosa's Fury, it can be deal astounding damage to the boss, as well as electrocuting it to allow for more hits to be inflicted.

Phase 2

Once Windblight Ganon has 50% health remaining, it will summon four small drones which follow it around. If Windblight Ganon prepares a laser beam attack, it will bounce off the drones before coming after Link, dealing much more damage, so once again, Link should run if this attack is prepared. Again, it can also summon tornadoes, however this time two will be summoned, which can make it difficult for Link to run from them, since again, there is no counter. If Link is troubled by the laser attack, the drones can be destroyed using some well-placed arrows, however they will respawn after a period of time. Whilst it is still possible for Link to run up and deal melee damage to Windblight Ganon, this is rather dangerous since the boss can deal large amounts of damage at this stage. The best strategy is to simply utilize arrows of all varieties, Bomb Arrows if possible. Once more, three consecutive critical shots will cause it to drop to the ground, where it is vulnerable to charged attacks.

If Link is having difficulties aiming, it is viable to use the updrafts situated around the rooms and prepare an aerial attack by drawing his bow whilst in mid-air, allowing for more precise aiming, however this technique can't be utilized if Link is fighting Windblight Ganon in Hyrule Castle, since no updrafts are present. Finally, once at 10% health, Windblight Ganon might resort to using a fully-charged Guardian laser. If it does do this, Link can dodge it by jumping to the side, running away, or he can attempt a Perfect Guard to deflect the beam, which will create an opening for attack.

Phase 2 Skip

It is actually possible to skip Phase 2 of the fight entirely, but this is extremely difficult, as Windblight Ganon must be reduced all the way to 0 HP from above the Phase 2 threshold in a single frame. Difficult as it is, if an enemy is hit by Stasis+ and then multiple attacks are dealt to them while under the effect of Stasis+, all damage they would've taken during Statis+ will be dealt to them, instantaneously. Thus, it becomes possible for multiple hits to be dealt in the same frame to Windblight Ganon, and possible for those hits to rack up enough damage.

Because Statis+ will wear off on Windblight Ganon extremely quickly, the primary method to rack up enough damage on Windblight Ganon is to get in midair for bullet time and spam enough bow shots to deal enough damage. Depending on the circumstances in which Windblight is being fought, this may take anywhere from 800-2000 damage to kill the boss in one go; regardless, the best way to rack up that damage is to use a 5-shot Savage Lynel Bow with Ancient Arrows, Ancient Proficiency and a Lv3 Attack Up meal. If enough damage has been dealt, then upon the expiration of Statis+, Windblight Ganon will instantly die; he will still do his Phase 2 transition, but the fight will end as soon as that cutscene ends.

Additionally, an alternative method for skipping Phase 2 of the Windblight fight exists if Windblight is the first of the four Blights to be fought, and is fought in Divine Beast Vah Medoh, giving it its lowest possible HP pool of 800. In this scenario, it is actually possible for a single hit to deal more than 400 damage with a sufficiently powerful weapon, skipping Phase 2 entirely if enough damage was done during Phase 1 without outright ending Phase 1. With Ancient Proficiency, a Lv3 Attack Up meal and a Critical Hit (caused by throwing a melee weapon), an Ancient-type weapon with 50 base attack or a Guardian-type weapon with 57 base attack can deal more than 400 damage when thrown, such that Phase 2 can be skipped if Phase 1 is carefully damaged down for a finishing throw. Notably, an Ancient Battle Axe++ deals 421 damage when thrown (requiring Windblight take 379-399 damage beforehand), an Ancient Battle Axe++ with a maximum +15 might modifier deals 526 damage (requiring 274-399 damage beforehand) and an Ancient Bladesaw deals 445 damage (requiring 355-399 damage beforehand). Other Ancient- or Guardian- weapons can suffice, but great care must be taken not to deal too much damage to Windblight before moving in for the kill, as otherwise Phase 2 will commence and landing a weapon throw will become difficult or unnecessary.


  • When fought in the Illusory Realm, if attack-enhancing meals or elixirs aren't used, there's the possibility that the melee weapon provided will break before defeating Windblight if used exclusively. However, it's possible to finish him off with arrows and Remote Bombs. Also, the sole bow provided may also break in a similar manner.

Health Points

As with all the Blights, this Blight's Health Points (HP) depend on a number of factors, including the place where they're fought, and given that circumstance, the number of Blights that have been defeated before it.

Location of Fight Location Dependent
1st Blight
2nd Blight
3rd Blight
4th Blight
Hyrule Castle's Sanctum HP + 3 x (HP / 2)
Base HP for Blights at location = 800
Not dependent of previous encounters so:
800 + 3(800/2) = 2000 HP for every Blight
2000 HP 2000 HP 2000 HP 2000 HP
Divine Beast HP + (Nº of previous Blights defeated) x (HP / 2)
Base HP for Blights at location = 800
Dependent of previous encounters,
as it's cumulative
800 + 0(800/2)
800 HP
800 + 1(800/2)
1200 HP
800 + 2(800/2)
1600 HP
800 + 3(800/2)
2000 HP
Illusory Realm (DLC)[HP 1] HP + 4 x (HP / 2)
Base HP for Blights at location = 500
Not dependent of previous encounters
except for access to Illusory Realm, so:
500 + 4(500/2) = 1500 HP for every Blight
1500 HP 1500 HP 1500 HP 1500 HP


  1. Unlocking EX The Champions' Ballad DLC requires defeating all the Blights, the recovery of the Divine Beasts and completion of their respective quests.

Age of Calamity

Windblight Ganon on Vah Medoh - HWAoC.jpg

When Calamity Ganon awakens, it has each of the Blight Ganons attack the Divine Beasts. Revali is sealed inside Vah Medoh when he confronts Windblight Ganon and tries to shoot it with arrows, but he is constantly dodging the monster's laser shots and is eventually struck in the left wing, rendering him vulnerable as Windblight Ganon charges its cannons and aims at Revali, who could only watch helplessly. However, before it could finish him off, arrows burst out of the Gate of Time, created by Terrako, and strike at Windblight Ganon's arm throwing its focus away from Revali. Its assailant is revealed to be Teba, who came from the future to protect Revali, who managed to recover and return to the fight. Windblight Ganon is distracted by Teba and attempts to shoot at him, while Revali attempts to get some payback for the ambush, only for Windblight Ganon to block it. Link and his friends arrive in the nick of time through an updraft created by Vah Naboris. Unlike the other Blights, Windblight Ganon flees before it could truly be defeated. During the Divine Beast Vah Medoh battle to save Western Hyrule, Windblight Ganon reappears as a boss and makes one last attempt at taking Vah Medoh for itself and at not only at Revali's life, but Teba's as well, but Revali was ready for it, and thwarted this by humiliating it through slaying it with the weapon that it tried to take from him.

Later, Astor betrays the Yiga Clan by reaping the souls of the fallen footsoldiers to revive the Blight Ganons, including Windblight Ganon and he sends them after Master Kohga and Sooga. During the EX The Yiga Clan's Retreat, Windblight Ganon and the other Blights pursue them and eventually had them surrounded until Sooga uses a Yiga technique to immobilize them to allow Kohga to escape, albeit reluctantly on Kohga's part, as he was told to leave him behind to join the Hyrulean forces. It's unknown what happens to Sooga after this.

During the Each Step Like Thunder Scenario, Windblight Ganon appears with the other Blights as well as Astor and are ordered to kill Princess Zelda, though Link dared to fight them alone as Impa and Zelda makes a run for it, but the princess is unwilling to lose Link and runs back which was then that her dormant power had finally awakened, stunning the Blights and deactivating the Guardians within the vicinity. Windblight Ganon and its other elemental entities tried to hinder the progress of Purah and her friends when the Sheikah Science Director is trying to activate a failsafe and they are defeated again.

In The Future of Hyrule, Windblight Ganon and the other three Blights are the major enemies that are faced for the last time before they are all slain by the heroes for good before the confrontation with Astor, Harbinger Ganon, and eventually Calamity Ganon itself.

Windblight Ganon's design is much different than it was in Breath of the Wild as it is covered in Malice and it owns two large cannons instead of one and it can create dark tornadoes to attack its foes, making it much stronger and threatening. Another notable change is that Windblight Ganon is a much more challenging boss than it was in Breath of the Wild, even when the difficulty is set to Easy.