White-Maned Lynel

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"These fearsome monsters have lived in Hyrule since ancient times. Their ability to breathe fire makes White-Maned Lynels among the toughest of the species; each one of their attacks is an invitation to the grave. There are so few eyewitness accounts of this breed because a White-Maned Lynel is not one to let even simple passersby escape with their lives."

— In-Game Description

The White-Maned Lynel are found in Breath of the Wild. These beasts can typically be found on the outskirts of Hyrule, such as in the Hebra Mountains or Deep Akkala. There is also a White-Maned Lynel ontop of the Gerudo Summit.


Watch out if it roars; it'll charge up and do an explosive attack in a very wide area around it; the best strategy is to just run as fast as you can away, or get a quick head-shot to cancel the attack, since if it hits it will most likely kill you outright. A good tactic to take one down is to use a powerful bow, stasis+ and a lot of arrows, just target it with stasis then keep shooting it in the head until it dies, since most of its attacks are charge attacks that can be canceled if you hit it in the head. Attempting to shoot a Lynel from a distance is usually a very poor idea; it will shoot elemental arrows at you, including Shock Arrows, which afflict critical damage, and if more than one projectile hits at once, you might die outright on the spot.

Recoverable Materials
Lynel Horn.pngLynel Horn Lynel Hoof.pngLynel Hoof Lynel Guts.pngLynel Guts
Carried Weapons
Savage-lynel-shield.pngSavage Lynel Shield Savage-lynel-bow.pngSavage Lynel Bow Savage-lynel-spear.pngSavage Lynel Spear