Floating Coliseum

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Floating Coliseum




Gloom-wreathed Lynel
Gloom-wreathed Blue-Maned Lynel
Gloom-wreathed White-Maned Lynel
Gloom-wreathed Silver Lynel
Gloom-wreathed armoured Silver Lynel

Surface Counterpart


The Floating Coliseum is a Depths location from Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom

Link may find an Old Map directing him to the Floating Coliseum, located directly beneath the Coliseum Ruins from the Surface.

Regardless of whether he finds the map or not, if he enters the Floating Coliseum, the door locks and the first cell opens, revealing a gloom-wreathed Lynel. If he defeats this, the second cell opens and contains a stronger Blue-Maned Lynel; and the subsequent three cells escalate further with a White-Maned Lynel, Silver Lynel and Armoured Silver Lynel in turn; all of which are also gloom-wreathed.

If Link successfully defeats all five Lynels, one after the other, he is rewarded with the arena Treasure Chest losing its gloom, allowing him to open it. It contains Majora's Mask.